Android App – LeeDrOiD Shortcutter 9 Monate später!

Android App – LeeDrOiD Shortcutter 9 months later!

Some of you may remember my first article about this app, and then ask yourself: why does the author write a second article about this app? Well, because nine months is a long time. And just as an unbored part of the womb has changed and evolved a lot during this time, so has this app. What used to be a small app, with a few tweaks around the Quick Settings in Android, has now become a full-blown and much more powerful toolbox.

Exactly for this reason I decided to take a closer look at the app again and to present you today a video about the features of this app, instead of simply putting the functional variety into a continuous text. The video is in English to allow a broader base to learn about the far-reaching changes.

For more information about the Shortcutter Quick Settings see,

or on XDA in the

Shortcutter Quick Setting XDA Thread


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