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A date in Vista

We discovered a total of date ideas in or near Vista, California, including fun or romantic activities in nearby cities within 25 miles like EscondidoLa JollaTemecula and Carlsbad.

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How old am I: 25
What is my nationaly: Zambian
My body type: My body type is thin
Music: Opera
My hobbies: Doing puzzles
Body piercings: None
Smoker: Yes

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When your taskbar only shows the current time, you can hover your mouse cursor over the clock, and a callout containing the day and date will pop up. Show the Day and Date on the Clock in Windows Vista By default, Windows Vista displays a clock in the system tray area or "notification area" of the taskbar. Now move your cursor on the edge of the taskbar: it will become a double-headed arrow, indicating that you can resize the taskbar.

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To do so, ensure that your taskbar isn't locked, and drag it towards one of the edges of your screen. This tutorial shows you how quickly get the date, and how to permanently display the day and date next to the clock in Windows Vista.

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While only the time is visible by default, Windows Vista's clock also contains the current day and date. You then end up with a higher taskbar that can display two rows of program buttons instead of oneand that now always displays the current day, date, and time!

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Drag upwards, and your taskbar becomes higher; while doing this, notice that as the taskbar gets higher, Windows Vista displays more information in the clock. But it is also possible to make Windows Vista display both the time and the date at all time: right-click on an empty area of the taskbar, and make sure that the taskbar isn't locked: if the Lock the Taskbar entry in the menu is checked, click on it to unlock the taskbar.

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It is possible to customize the taskbar to also show the current day and time next to the clock. All rights reserved — Sitemap Disclaimer Feedback. By default, Windows Vista displays a clock in the system tray area or "notification area" of the taskbar.

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When you move your cursor away from the clock, the day and date disappear. Another way to achieve the same effect is to move your taskbar to a vertical position, either along the left or the right edge of your screen. Placing your taskbar vertically is a good choice if you have a wide screen, which displays and often wastes lots of space horizontally, but can only display a limited amount of information vertically.