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Albanian dating Detroit Michigan

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Merko told Brahimllari to turn up the volume on the television. He has the same dislike and contempt for a man who took a plea deal—Florjon Carcani, eight years—and testified against him and his two co-defendants: Edmond Zoica, life sentence, and Oliger Merko, 8 life sentences, two aliases. He wanted the weapons to kill witnesses, the state charged. He and his friend once saw two men get shot in front of them.

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He did security, helping organize concerts featuring Albanian singers in Michigan, and had a small cleaning company. He moved on from restaurants to other jobs. The friend had turned in the weapons to the police the day of the shooting; Merko ended up assaulting him. No hip-hop clothes or bling: He hates that. He said he went there to look into it.

Manoku called Sejdaris a coward, and said he always thought he was the weakest link in his network. Another Albanian gangster named Elton Tony Sejdaris introduced them. Later, he was still a soldier, on the streets of America.

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Sejdaris, who is cooperating in the New York trial and has pled guilty, is definitely not a friend. One of them brandished an A. The A. It was an automatic.

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He said he fired his first gun at age 11—a Russian version of a. He was picked up, driven to the apartment of Brahimllari, and he followed Manoku and Merko upstairs and inside. He told me matter-of-factly that prison is too easy. Manoku said he called for a peace meeting after an altercation and hands were shook and the beef was supposedly finished.

At 19 he did a year in the army, which he described in carefully vague terms as something like special forces. I told him he looked pretty hard.

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He snuck in through Mexico, speaking no English. He worked in restaurants, and lived in a ghetto area at first. One of the men, Marikol Jaku, 20 years old, died; the others were injured.

Zoica was getting a little crazy, threatening to kill Q. Q and his friend jumped out of the car and ran. He and his friends grabbed the guns, and then took the bikes and tossed them. Merko cursed at Q, and threatened him, and told him he had disrespected him.

One died instantly and the other was mortally wounded.

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Manoku said a van rolled into the parking lot with five people in it. A week later two north boys jumped his boys.

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He talked about two Albanian friends who went to Chicago on a drug deal with some Latinos and were killed and had their bodies burned. For five hours in a prison on the Canadian border, I sat across a table from Ketjol Manoku. Merko fled to Worcester, Mass.

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Q pled for his life Merko later told Carcani he let him live because he begged. There was a pyramid scheme, the country was broke, an opposition political party opened the prisons and let the inmates out.

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When the verdict was read at trial, Zoica reportedly put his face in his hands for a moment. All manner of guns and munitions in the country police, military, Michigan artillery were abandoned and free for the taking, so people took them. He saw they were shaking a bit. One of the victims injured that night, Ilirjan Dibra, pled guilty in Macomb County four years later to assault with intent to do great bodily harm. He went to Greece, got involved in some crime there, including counterfeiting money, and was deported back to Albania.

Manoku blames Carcani for lying in exchange for leniency, and for destroying his life. Manoku went for the gun, the mechanic grabbed it and threw it over the fence, and the men fled. He said he found out at some point that he was around Albanian confidential informants, Detroit that the F. Manoku said she went to the bathroom once and he looked in her portfolio and found detailed drawings of all of them.

Manoku said an A. Manoku said the car accelerated toward him, and he fired, hitting four of the five young men in the van. Brahimllari and Carcani were already there. Manoku would be the guy sent to convince him to settle up. For Manoku, there were no suits and nice haircuts and Cadillacs, like the Krasniqis favored.

There were kitchen Michigan laid out on a table dating Q was led past. He had five different passports. He got rid albanian the pictures. The only thing that was missing from the classic profile was a tattoo; his corrections sheet stated that he had none. There were no albanian. The state also charged them all with conspiracy and premeditated murder, asserting that they plotted over a period of time to kill these north boys in various scenarios: by opening fire in a coffee shop, shooting AKs while driving by on motorcycles, shooting them up close as they waited in traffic.

In the car Manoku pointed a gun at Q and Zoica pulled a knife Detroit him. Q told his father everything. A lot of his friends from back home are dead now. But of course dating the interview he pulled up his sleeve and there it was: A prison tat of the doubled-headed eagle, maybe 8 inches tall on the top part of his arm, representing Shqiptar everywhere. In Albania, he said, he was once beaten by police until his grey shirt was bright red and the cops were paid off the next day and he was let go.

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The next day Q and his father drove to a public park and met with Brahimllari and Carcani. He had family in Michigan in Macomb and Oakland counties. Plastic was laid on the floor, presumably to catch blood. It was the first time in his life Manoku ever had a drink; half a cup of beer to celebrate. Manoku told Q and the friend to get in their car. He came to America in looking for a new life. He was a teenager in Albania in when the country went mad.

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He said two nights later, on July 17,at around p. He said he and his friend were once held up by two black teenagers on bikes. He hung in the Albanian coffee shops in the Detroit area and met the infamous Krasniqi brothers there. He told Q to kneel.

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To understand the story of Albanian organized crime in New York City, where the murder and drug-trafficking trials of the notoriously violent Krasniqi brothers and their associates got underway this week, I had to go to Michigan. He sold the guns. Merko and Manoku showed no emotion. Manoku disputes this. His latest motion had been denied the day before I arrived. He was also involved in some muscle work, persuading people to pay debts to criminals. Manoku and Zoica and two others of their group found Q and a friend a few days after the fight in a parking lot.