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The RCC occasionally publish updates to their cruising guides and they can usually be downloaded from their site rccpf. Giorgio Adrizzi told me in early that the 3rd edition was out but the website still refers to the 2nd edition.

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With just two days notification of its intention to call at the Island, the Fred.

Though it is fairly unusual to have an un-scheduled cruise ship arrive at Pitcairn, we always welcome such visits. Sailing yacht Astrid with two Swedish men on board, arrives at Pitcairn Island. Check out these friendly places to stay at VisitPitcairn. The Netherlands flagged, foot, steel-hull, motor sailing vessel Vanilla arrives off Bounty Bay, Pitcairn Island on this day.

At p. Following some brisk trading, and getting to know each other, we packed up at p. Seoul, Korea, from Pitcairn Island.

We boarded at 4 p. Along with baskets of curios for sale, and freshly caught fish requested from the Marina all was successfully transferred onboard.

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Cairo, Egypt, from Pitcairn Island 11, Ducie Island, from Pitcairn Island. Bergen, Norway, from Pitcairn Island. London, England, from Pitcairn Island.

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After a few hours on board, having set up a craft market, and having entertained the guests, it was time to say goodbye to new and old friends and head home. Hawaii, from Pitcairn Island.

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Mumbai, India, from Pitcairn Island. Galapagos Islands, from Pitcairn Island. Two sailing yachts, the Begonia and the Nemofrom Easter Island, arrive at Pitcairn Island on this day, bringing visitors who go ashore who were keen to stretch their legs with walking about on the Island.

Book Recommendations. Bangkok, Thailand, from Pitcairn Island. As the seas at Bounty Bay were rough, we boarded the ship at Point Christian.

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Santiago, Chile, from Pitcairn Island 3, Sao Paulo, Brazil, from Pitcairn Island. Sydney, Australia, from Pitcairn Island. Houston, Texas, from Pitcairn Island. Tahiti, from Pitcairn Island. Norfolk Island, from Pitcairn Island. The foot schooner Windrose departs Pitcairn Island with Mrs. Nicola Hebb, the Administrator for Pitcairn Island on board. The two- day visit featured a co-hosted, evening barbecue on the first night, ad a fish fry meal with the Pitcairn community before the departure of the ship on the second night.

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French meter sailing vessel Parenthese calls at Pitcairn Island on this date. The calling ships may be from almost any country of the world, and are of almost every type vessel that floats: sailing yachts, container ships, sea-going tugs, tramp steamers, French naval vessels, roll-on roll-of auto carriers, banana boats, bulk carriers, heavy-lift ships, fishing boats … In years past a careful record of each ship calling at Pitcairn was kept on the Island.

Tokyo, Japan, from Pitcairn Island. In the mid-to-late s, about the only way one could get to Pitcairn Island, save by private boat or yacht, was to find a commercial ship from either Wellington or Auckland in New Zealand whose captain was willing to drop his passenger off at Pitcairn Island.

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Manila, The Philippines, from Pitcairn Island. There is no air service to Pitcairn Island.

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Tel Aviv, Israel, from Pitcairn Island. Beijing, China, from Pitcairn Island.

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Australian Three sailing vessels lie at anchor off Pitcairn Island on this date: the meter German vessel, Blue Lillythe The After her visit at Pitcairn, Gershan 2will sail for Tahiti. Los Angeles, California, from Pitcairn Island. Except for cruise ships, few of the vessels that call at Pitcairn Island are known to the Pitcairners for more than a few hours by radio before their appearance off Bounty Bay, the landing place of the Island. Any thanks to the Marina for another wonderful visit. Mexico City, Mexico, from Pitcairn Island.

Moscow, Russia, from Pitcairn Island.


The three-masted sail training barque Picton Castlethat voyages around the world, calls at Pitcairn Island on this day with dozens of trainees on board. We were also kindly invited to lunch. Passenger s on the ship were half capacity. Easter Island, from Pitcairn Island. French meter sailing vessel Funambule calls at Pitcairn Island on this date. Shanghai, China, from Pitcairn Island.

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Berlin, Germany, from Pitcairn Island. However, they are subject to change so please contact Pitcairn Island Tourism before making bookings. Today, there is a regularly scheduled shipping service to Pitcairn from the airstrip at Mangareva.

We had provided the ship with some welcome fresh fruit and fish, while also purchasing items from the ship. Panama, from Pitcairn Island.

At the end of the quarter Claymore II travels back to New Zealand to receive new cargo for Pitcairn, and then begins its quarterly voyaging schedule again. Jakarta, Indonesia, from Pitcairn Island. The closest one can get to Pitcairn by air is an airstrip on the island of Mangareva in the Gambier Islands group, which is located some miles southeast of Tahiti and more than miles from Pitcairn. The Swiss sailing yacht Kyoryafter having traveled the seas sincecalls at Pitcairn skippered by Franz Lang and his daughter Sandra.

Karachi, Pakistan, from Pitcairn Island.

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All but a few Pitcairners stayed ashore, as most boarded the Marina. The passenger-cargo ship Claymore II originates a schedule each quarter that begins in the vessel's home port of Tauranga, New Zealand and voyages to Pitcairn Island with both passengers and cargo for the Island. Before the end of the first decade of the new century at least one other vessel was making irregular passenger voyages to the Island.

Here is a listing of cruise ships that are scheduled to call at Pitcairn Island in the future:.

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Cruise Ship Schedule. December 4, Passengers: Crew: Length: feet — January 14, Passengers: Crew: Decks: 8 Launched: January 17, Passengers: Crew: Length: feet — January 24, Passengers: Crew: Length: feet — February 13, Passengers: 1, Crew: Length: April 10, Passengers: Crew: 70 Length: June 30, Passengers: Crew: Length: February 24, Passengers: 2, Crew: 1, Length: April 15, Passengers: Crew: Length: A Pitcairn longboat braves rough seas to make contact with a ship calling at the Island.

The metre French sailing vessel Kenavo arrives at Pitcairn Island on this date. The ship departs Pitcairn Island for Mangareva early in June.

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In addition, many people visit Pitcairn Island, usually for a few hours rather than for days or weeks, by way of a of large cruise ships that call at the Island during what is known locally as "cruise ship season. An additional travel service, Pitcairn Travel, offers voyages to the Island.

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We quickly prepare and provide a Pitcairn welcome experience that is both positive and memorable for all. Following gambier lecture by Community member Melva Evans, passengers were keen to meet Anchorage all and buy some souvenirs. Saga Holidays big cruise ship Saga Rose dwarfs the small Pitcairn longboat O'Leary lying alongside the ship deck during the vessel's call at Pitcairn Island in Anchorage, Alaska, from Pitcairn Island.

Seattle, Washington, from Pitcairn Island. Then through the quarter Claymore II voyages back and forth from Pitcairn to Mangareva, picking up passengers at Mangareva for Pitcairn. Not long after the 21st century began, a ship of the Stoney Creek Shipping Company of New Zealand began ferrying people on an irregular basis dating the airstrip at Mangareva to Pitcairn. Three sailing vessels arrive at Pitcairn Island on March 31, the metre, Netherlands- flagged sailing vessel Sweet Chariotthe In damp, rainy weather, the ship Claymore II arrives at Pitcairn Island with nine visitors and tons of supplies for the Island.

For several decades the personnel of the Pitcairn Commissioner's office in Auckland were most helpful in finding such shipping for those desiring to visit the Island. The current schedule of this service may be seen at www.

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