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If you have any questions, please contact me. This includes movement, noises, and walking on a variety of surfaces. Sub- Instructors: Natalie Boone.

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If you are interested and have questions please call or text Gail at Instructor: Gail Hubbard. Puppies come into this program typically around weeks of age and top out of the program around 16 weeks of age. During K9 Manners - Level 1 : S chooling begins with focus, attention, and name recogition; without that you do not have much.

Read a story from a student and her scottie. Simply click the " Up Now" bottom below. It also teaches you more fun things to do with your dog at home This class offer a little bit of physical challenges, so if you have a puppy this Intro to Dog Sports class is awesome! At times people take this class several times because it is fun watching their dog learn and review important aspects of life. Once you get one, choose a toy you would like to use as your target toy and bring it to class.

Instructor : Gail Hubbard.

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You can tell me after class, you can venmo me a payment for that class, or you can text me at If this is your first class, Saturday morning class starts with an orientation at am - class starts at am and lasts an hour. Everyone taking this class may be at different levels of understanding when it comes to the CGC items.

Classes are always based on the foundation of how to properly handle and effectively communic ate with your dog learned in the Level-1 program. After this 6-week experience the class continues on with beyond foundation skills which le to more and more agility. When we come together it is your opportunity to work on your individual relationship with your dog with guidance from me.

Time: pm. It is often exciting to watch the process and journey of each and every dog team. Each K9 team can have different needs. This program is priced per week, giving you the flexibility to other classes when age appropriate. Instructors: Gail Hubbard. This class builds on the basics you learned in Level-1 while introducing the flirt pole as a method to increase your dog's arousal. This class will mentally challenge you and your dog as well as physically.

We also give solutions for a range of behavioral problems such as jumping up, nipping, chewing, and barking. Level 1 is where dog owners priorities are developed. If I think a private coaching session would be best, I will mention that option.

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NEW Class Schedule with limited capacity and safety protocol in place. If you have any quesitons, please call me. K9 Manners Level-2 class lasts 5-weeks and includes meeting out and about when the weather permits. Our Puppy Program emphasizes the ificance of understanding how puppies learn and how to communicate with them. Come learn the encouraging language of positive reinforcement that will provide a rewarding, respectful, lifelong relationship between you and your puppy! As I help you teach the behaviors you desire we also talk about how to extinguish the undesireable ones.

You will need to register and bring needed paperwork that I'll send after I receive your registration to the first class. During this class it will not be unusual for me to give one person more homework in one aspect of their relationship, and another may have a totally different focus. K9 Manners - Level One. This is the level that our Puppy Program puppies come into after their puppy experience. You should get an. During this class, you will be encouraged to purchase a lunge whip for your flirt pole if it is appropriate for you and your dog.

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Class Details: Introduction to Dog Sports. Know that we will review and help you through all aspects with Schooling Model in mind.

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This class is an on-going experience. Oh Yeah This is a holiday version, so it is shorter then normal. Then we go on to leash walking, positions sit and downcome, stay, leave it.

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A majority of owned dogs have no formal training and since we share lives in tighter and closer communities, it is more important than ever that every dog be given a good canine education. Sport classes are generally more stimulating then average dog training classes and so the types of things you will learn over and above learning new sporty activities are:.

Level-3 also helps a sport dog before getting into a sport. This 5-week class is highly recommended for folks new to any dog sport scene. Please me if you have any questions, text or call: Instructors: Gail Hubbard []. What to Bring: Bring what motivates your dog toy and small, soft food treats and your enthusiasm! This class is perfect for the month old puppy as well as the dog who may be older but has never been in a class held at AGDL Training Center.

You can purchase them anywhere that sells horse supplies. Investing in a class can build a bond like no other, increase sociability and avoid problem behaviors.

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Down stay in lobby or outdoor area while you are there. If this is your f irst class you must come to orientation! If you are no sure if this class is for you. In this level-3 program the goals are to go deeper into what you personally want and need with the CGC test in mind. This class builds upon level-2 offering extensions to the learning environment by meeting in different locations in and around Buncombe County.

The evening class will need to be post-poned every time it is rainy.

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Your feedback becomes priority as classes are geared towards your specific needs and situations as much as possible. This class builds on the basics while introducing more and more distractions into the environment. K9 Manners - CGC Prep introduces new ways to increase your dogs arrousal while working on compliance. Dog sports are FUN and this class is deed to prepare owners for navigating and controlling their dog in any sport class.

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Your lifestyle with your dog will suddenly make sense and be easier with a handful of guidelines to live by for the life of your dog. We want all our students to get all they can out of their interactions with their dog. If you have questions, please call me at or : gail wnck9. Time: TBA. Locations: i.

After completing Level-1, you are encouraged to move on to K9 Manners Level With the Schooling Model in mind, as you get better with your training mechanics and your dog gets better listening to you, Level-2 continues seemlessly and is suggested, even before you enter a sport class. It is fun and the outcome is mind blowing as you get your dog to do things that you never could imagined them doing.

I'm wanting to stay under normal capacity in order to give all puppy teams plenty of room.

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You only have to register once hit the botton belowhowever if you plan on attending the full 5-week on-going series this class rotates through a 5 class series please send me an. Class Details Since teamwork between dog and human is the cornerstone of agility, this class focuses on the relationship between you and your dog. To pass the CGCU test dogs must pass all 10 items of the test.

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Using a non-conventional way of training or shaping dog owners are challenged to team up with their k9 companion in a way they have perhaps never done. Please call Gail at During each private I evaluate and give essential homework to move forward with your desires. Because of this, I make myself available during these 6 weeks to answer as many questions as possible.

Classes are always based on the foundation of how to properly handle and effectively communicate with your dogbecause a Schooling Model is essential. For more information go to the AKC website.

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