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Date ideas for Provo

Ah, Utah dating But by going to one of the following places, you're guaranteed to have the BEST of times! Find ideas for that memorable first date, or an active adventure to prove your budding relationship.

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The saying that there is nothing to do in Provo is overused. As the third largest city by population and size in Utah there is plenty to do. Some things just require a little more digging and creativity. Here are 9 ideas that are sure to impress any date. Around BYU campus on the south side there is a walking path and along that walking path is a stream that is perfect for paper boat racing.

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Drive to Sundance and walk around the grounds. Go somewhere crazy and people watch. Drive up to Vivian Park with a blanket and watch the stars come out. Go to the grocery store. Go to a new development and walk through unfinished homes. Go to Pioneer Museum on West in Provo.

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Play a game together after kids go to bed. Go for a walk and talk about what you want to do when you are empty nesters and retired. Get pedicures.

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Put the kids to bed and have a candlelight dessert in the front room. Go get ice cream. Not sure what to do? Take a tour of your Youth. Go for a drive up to Squaw Peak. Go for a hike.

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Pick a winner and take your food to the park. Go see a play Go to a concert. Go dream furniture shopping. Go visit an elderly or widower in your neighborhood. Talk about the funny things you find.

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Drive somewhere remote. At Christmas time — drive around and look at Christmas lights. Family Michelle's Random Thou Note From Michelle Uncategorized. Go to the library or bookstore and read magazines or books. Jun 26 Written By. One of the keys of High Performance and Happiness is making relationships a priority. Again, tell funny stories. Walk on the Provo River Trail. Go for a drive up the canyon.

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Go to the Farmers Market and try 3 new fruits or veggies, or buy a loaf of fresh baked bread. Memories and connections keep relationships thriving. Drive to Bridal Veil Falls and wade around in the water. Making time for the ones you love helps them to know that they are important to you AND keeps the relationship alive.

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Go to the Deseret Industries or Good Will and look around in the back for treasures. Go Karaoke available in downtown Provo Splurge date ideas: Go to a trampoline park. Take it to a park. Go to the Springville Art Museum.

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Go to free movies in the park in Provo in the summer. Play Christmas music or the radio. Put the kids to bed and pull out old pictures of your marriage and of each of you as. Peach Days, strawberry days, art festivals in small towns, Llama Days etc.

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Take a picnic to the park. Often free to get in to watch the concerts and see the booths. Turn up the music in the car and dance outside. While this list is specific to where we live, perhaps it will give you ideas to generate your list! Walk the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

Rent a movie from Redbox or Amazon Prime.

Creative date ideas in provo, utah

Take bug spray! Get a foot long sub sandwich and share. Do service somewhere together. Drive around to different places and tell funny stories. Find festivals.

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Take the tram ride at Sundance. Can also be great for people watching.

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