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Hi Eric, many thanks for your kind offer of assistance. I hope our son comes over this weekend to post a picture.

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Cannes editions — 13j.

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I also made an overview in the form of a table that lists all differences. Three stars and VS, petite fine champagne: 1e. Al these Centaures are Fine champagne.

Voyage editions — 13k. XO Fine Champagne Excellence — 7d. XO Grande Champagne. Louis XIII, gold tops — 11d. Look to get this bottle authenticated, to sell. Extra porcelain — 13i. The upside down decanter that has served as a stopper until these days is now replaced by the fleur de lys stopper.

Jeroboams and up — 14b. They have also a lot of information on the stoppers, the emblems, the engravings at the bottom, the importers and on the packaging. Three star fine champagne bottles — 1d. Three star and VS bottles — 1e. Other editions — 13n. VS petite fine champagne bottles — 1g. Coeur — 13c. In upper left: Produce of France or Produit en France in two lines:.

XO Grande Champagne 8.

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XO Fine Champagne Special came out in mids : 7b1. These all are Grande champagne cognacs. Napoleon, rectangular label 6b.

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Magnums Figurines Stars and VS 1a. VSOP gold label main and neck ca s The dark frosted bottle is devised in VSOP gold label main and neck : only text in left bottom corner: 2c2. XO Fine Champagne new look : 7e. Centaure Napoleon, dark label with red and gold emblem: 6e. Napoleon, greish-brown label with letters in gold colour: 6c. VS petite champagne clear glass bottles.

Toch voegt dit naar mijn mening nauwelijks iets toe aan de waarde.

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Louis XIII, white tops — 11c. Drop file here. VSOP Mature cask finish started in : 3. Vincent Leroy limited editions — 13l. VS fine champagne: 1f. I have more images but had difficulty ing to the website. Links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other services inserted in the comment text will be automatically embedded. VSOP gold main label and oval black neck label — 2e. Centaure 8c. Centaure in carafe Al these Centaures are Fine champagne. On the capsule a red rectangle: 2f3.

All are ml fine champagnes. Coupes, Cellar editions and Cellar master editions — 13m.

Curiosities Magnums and more — 14a. XO Fine Champagne new look — 7e. It was called Age Inconnu. They now have clear plastic labels with gold lettering. Three star petite fine champagne bottles — 1c. Laurels around the emblem inside the label, big emblem, green glass: 7b2.

VS petite fine champagne: 1g. With this bottle they were the first to market such an exclusive cognac. Accord 6. Limited VSOP editions — 13d. Club 5. VSOP gold main label and oval gold neck label — 2d. Anniversary editions — 13g. VSOP gold main label and round black and gold shoulder label ca. Laurels around the label, smaller emblem, clear glass late s — early s : 7b3.


VSOP black and red main label — 2g. Different capsules: 2g. VSOP gold main label and round black and gold shoulder label — 2f. Dit is de eerste die ik heb gezien. Only few of them are fine champagne. XO Fine Champagne — 7b. VS fine champagne bottles — 1f.

Limited Club editions — 13e. Het e-mailadres wordt niet gepubliceerd. XO 7a. Louis XIII, empty old bottles — 11b. Three stars fine champagne: 1d. Attachment The maximum file size: 1 MB. You can : image. XO Fine Champagne produced from : 7b.

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Napoleon 6a. XO Grande Champagne: 8.

Laurels around the emblem inside the label, small emblem roughly s 7b XO Fine Champagne Excellence, fine champagne started in 7d. Inderdaad zeer zeldzaam. Stars and VS — 1a. In we see the disappearance of the bottles with a paper label, a white top and a seal to make place for the gold top bottles without a paper label. XO Fine Champagne Special — 7c. The first bottles were hand made glass bottles. VSOP 2a2. Centaure Napoleon, brown-yellow label with dark letters: 6d.

Limited XO editions — 13f. XO — 7a. Extra and Extra de Perfection Vintages Limited editions and specials — 13a.

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Contents: 1. Coeur de Cognac 4. VSOP, gold main label and oval black and silver shoulder label ca. The oldest bottles could have varying orientation of the fleurs de lys and varying of spikes or fins as they are also called. Voyage, Sea Line, Trek and Altitude. VS petite champagne clear glass bottles 2.