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This is a list of communities known for possessing a large of Stateside Puerto Ricans. The top 25 US communities with the highest percentages of Puerto Ricans as a percent of total population Source: Census The largest populations of Puerto Ricans are situated in the following metropolitan areas Source: Census :. The Northeast is home to 2. Combined, the New England states are home to overPuerto Ricans, with the vast majority in the Lower portion of New England, having a very high concentration of Puerto Ricans.

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Aimee Goodwin opened the car door, and five canine passengers exploded from the vehicle. Two dogs died.

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Goodwin noticed the symptoms after having distributed several puppies to foster owners around the Upper Valley, and also after the sickened dog came into contact with people at a promotional event in Hanover. That resolve was tested last month when an imported sato from the latest batch of 10 tested positive for leptospirosisa bacterial disease that is transmissible to humans through infected dog urine.

With the frantic energy of dogs unwalked, they charged this way and that, sniffed at interesting shrubs and squatted to make steaming deliveries to the pristine snow.

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Hence the name of the business she runs from her Norwich home: Canine Mountain Adventures. Now, Goodwin shares her animal ventures with her business partner, Michelle Gottlieb, a former videographer and physical therapist who also lives in Norwich.

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Earlier this month, The New York Times reported that the official government death toll of 62 likely was low by roughly 1, fatalities. Goodwin is headed down to Puerto Rico in January to drop off supplies and volunteers, and when she comes back, she said, she intends to bring more puppies with her. By heartbreak, Goodwin was referring to her son Azor, who during family trips to developing countries had noticed aloud the of stray dogs roaming the streets looking unwashed, unfed and unloved.

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Hurricane Maria hit the island in September, knocking out power and cutting off access to essential services and clean water for months. He added that health authorities do not expect new leptospirosis cases to arise from this batch of dogs, because symptoms usually emerge between five and 14 days after contact with infected urine. Brien said he planned to build between four and eight new kennels for dog owners and rescuers over the weeklong visit.

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She spent a day in a frantic rush around the region, delivering prophylactic doses of antibiotics to families and fielding inquiries from New Hampshire health officials about potential exposure to the public. Roback met Puerto Rican schoolchildren on that visit, including some who participate in local dog rescue efforts. As Goodwin and her pack emerged from the woods, she caught sight of a small white shape at the bottom of the hill, near the parking lot. She said she looked forward to reconnecting with them after hearing their s of the storm and its aftermath through social media. Norwich — Shortly before 2 p.

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Someday — maybe not that long from now — the nonprofit might open branches in other U. Max, an aging, slightly rotund terrier mix, had been bringing up the rear, either too shy or too tired to leap and growl with the others. The little figure perked up and began trotting her way, his mouth open and his tongue lolling out.

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Many shelters put down infected dogs due to a lack of treatment resources, and so Goodwin has been collecting money to bring down leptospirosis test kits and doxycycline doses to distribute. But she is perhaps best known for the nonprofit she dreamed up in that rescues stray dogs from Rincon, Puerto Rico, a surf town on the west coast of the U. She also brings volunteers, many of them from Hanover High School, to the island.

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Now he had vanished. After wrestling a neon vest onto each wriggling pet, Goodwin, a year-old lover of dogs who has made that passion her profession, set off down the wooded trail with her pack trotting close by. No human cases were reported, and foster families at the time praised Goodwin for her quick reaction.

These U. New Hampshire health officials earlier this month confirmed that they had closed their investigation and that they believed any public health risk had passed.

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Cleo Roback and Liam Gurman, seniors at Hanover High, are going with Goodwin, who will drop them off for an expense-paid volunteer fellowship in Rincon. As the 9-year-old founder of her own dog care business, she persuaded local veterinarians to hand out her cards to clients.

Jake Leon, director of communications at the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, recommended that anyone with health concerns stemming from contact with Puerto Rican puppies contact their health care provider.