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Dating a guy from Seattle WA

Begin the search for a love that lasts.

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Years old: 29
What is my ethnicity: Swiss
Tint of my eyes: Bright blue
Gender: Girl
I can speak: I can speak English and Russian
I like to drink: Ale
In my spare time I love: Cooking

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While I got answers across the board, there are a lot of similarities in the responses. The key similarities were: Attractive varied from "hot" to "natural beauty" but this was almost always the first desired quality mentioned Employed Ambitious Smart and "generally aware of things" aka, smart enough Where do you go to meet women? My theory here is one of two things - they either have never thought what they want in a concrete way or they go off physical attraction first and they appreciate the rest as it comes.

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And according to Forbes magazineSeattle is one of the best places to be for singles. Most guys just stared blankly at me and had to think for quite a large amount of time to come up with an answer. Unapproachable: stand-offish or rude when approached. This question was also very quickly answered by most. This is simply the consensus of a random group of single men in Seattle, to try and gain some insight on the dating haps in the city.

Seattle online dating

Bars or restaurants Tinder or Online dating Mutual friends What have been your challenges dating in Seattle? Ladies, the could serve as food for thought in regards to our actions when we meet new people out and about because this one in particular had the most consistency across the board.

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I stuck to three main questions and decided to focus on the top most similar responsesthe are as follows: What are you looking for a in a ificant other? This question was answered almost immediately by most guys.

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Superficial or entitled: expecting the man to put up the cash for any and everything no matter how pricey or just dating a man simply because he has money. Want all the latest on dining, fashion, travel, events, and more delivered straight to your inbox? Watch Now. Ladies, listen up.

Dating in seattle

The key similarities were:. The most common answers were:However to be fair, a decent portion of this survey was taken in bars or restaurants so there could be an entire population of guys wanting to meet girls at the gym, work, or a co-ed sports league, I just didn't hear from them.

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And if you think I'm being too hard on one side or the otherdon't worry, next week it's the ladies' turn! I also learned it was possible to tell very quickly if these men had recently been burned by past relationships with some answers becoming suspiciously specific.

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Subscribe to receive exclusive newsletters and special offers from Seattle Refined! So why is it that I know of so many beautiful, smart, ambitious women that are all left wondering, "Where are all the men? Challenges found:Now I want to make it clear - I'm in no way stating any of these views as fact.

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Or it could be that a stranger was asking them personal questionshard to say. While the men I talked to weren't too sure on what they want, they were very clear on what they didn't. Now I can't speak to the matter in which said women were approached since I'm just going off what I was told.