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Dating activities in Bremerton WA

Bremerton sits on the Kitsap Peninsula, overlooking the shimmering waters of the Puget Sound. A city with strong links to SeattleBremerton is well-known for its charming neighborhood restaurants and coffee shops, it's beautiful parks, and its fascinating naval museums.

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Date night is fast approaching and you need some ideas of things to do. You can browse our website for upcoming events or take a look at some of the locations and venues below. Whether you just met someone on Tinder or you have been married for over a decade we sought out some diverse options to create a memorable date night in the greater Seattle area. Please consult government travel advisories beforehand. Looking for a virtual date idea? We got you covered HERE.

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Other states are also offering perks to try and get people vaccinated including huge lottery prizes in California and Ohio and free tickets to baseball games in New York. Learn More. This would also make for a fun group date if you have friends who are down to play along. Please check your inbox. Any occasion to have a date there would be unique and eyeopening, and their exhibits always give way for interesting conversation.

I bet you'd be more likely to recall if you had taken a boat tour down the Skagit River looking for Bald Eagles or if you'd shot your first bullseye in an archery lesson. Their calendar of events is packed with options ranging from exotic Asian art to Indian film screenings and contemporary art.

It might sound eery, but visiting a cemetery can be a fascinating day date.

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After seeing the ship, grab a bite to eat at The Boat Shed before riding the ferry back to Seattle. Create. Where: Various in Seattle. Kick things off at a cemetery, and when things really start to heat up, pop on a documentary until you both fall asleep. There isn't a ton of content there, but it makes for a fascinating, fairly quick stop that you could do during an afternoon or even as an impromptu detour en route to dinner plans.

Archery would be a reasonable place to start. Its stylish interior and upbeat music make it ideal for a funky date idea.

Top things to do in bremerton

While trap yoga does involve some twerking and not all guys might be down to try it, for open-minded couples this can be an adventurous way to enjoy an evening out and possibly even heat things up for a post-date cool-down at home. If dinner with a view is right up your alley, this restaurant has some fantastic sights from its tables. The Spheres were created to be the Amazon HQ offices, and while general access is exclusively for employees, the buildings are open to the public on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month. Where: Clearwater Casino. They are a donation center as well as a temporary home, housing hundreds of people at a time.

Whether you're a complete beginner and want to take classes or you're a pro and just need a place to practice, this is an unexpectedly enjoyable spot to bring a date. Seattle Art Museum is one of the best places to visit in Seattle, period.

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Can you even remember? Already have an ? Reading the gravestones and any historical information available at the site can help connect you to the city you're in by learning about the past of its people.

The Seattle ferry goes straight to Bremerton and offers a convenient transport for this historic tour. It's free to play, and there's a complimentary shuttle from the ferry straight to the casino. The museum is very community-oriented and participates in Free First Thursdayswhere many local museums give free entrance on the first Thursday of every month.

The free ts have to be given out to people during their visit to the in-store clinic to get a dose, so if you don't take one while you're at the clinic getting a vaccine, you can't come back later and claim it. Giving back to the community can give perspective on life that's hard to find anywhere else. Oh, the joys of adult dating! From June 7 to July 12, state-d cannabis retailers in Washington can get a temporary allowance to provide one free t to adults who get a first or second dose at an in-store COVID vaccine clinic.

Where: Various locations. It's free and open to the public as a self-guided educational tour to learn about Amazon and the horticulture inside The Spheres. Reservations must be made 30 days in advance, so plan accordingly.

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See if your Swiffer skills translate once you get in the rink. Many of the cruises take place during sunset, and watching the sun go down from the bay is one of the best ways to take in the scope of Seattle's beauty. She is easily the most famous ship in Washington, and public tours offer an intriguing way to learn about Washington's military history and segue into present-day activity in Bremerton.

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Nearby Pioneer Square also hosts an art walk on first Thursdayswhere they serve free beer and wine at some exhibits. It helps you appreciate what you have, including your sexy date who's awesome enough to volunteer with you! Shaped like their namesake, they are three circular glass buildings that have a greenhouse-like appearance to them.

This is a chance not just to learn something new, but also to go outside your comfort zone with your date and probably have a laugh at the absurdity of this strange sport. Helping other people alongside a date can be a meaningful and fun experience not just for the people receiving the help, but for you as well. They make their own croissants and their own butter--yeah, they're that good.

Understory is a unique visitor center at the street level of The Spheres. Rock climbing can sound like a terrifying idea for a date or any occasionbut indoor bouldering with safety gear is an exciting way to face your fears and challenge your body. If you want to learn more about the people whose graves you're visiting, you can even watch a documentary about them when you get home.

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Come in for happy hour, grab a seat on one of their cushy chairs, and snuggle up with a book and your date. We use cookies to personalize content andto provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. A lifetime of cleaning floors in your apartment has prepared you for this moment. in. Don't have an ? On the water, you'll see breathtaking views of the mountains as well as a full view of the city skyline. Let's be honest--working out together can be boring.

Uhhh so this just happened in Seattle The rocket had reportedly failed to make a "deorbit burn" and reentered Earth's atmosphere after spending 22 days in orbit. Looks like your is already registered. Think about it--what did you do for your last three birthdays? It's tough to make anything memorable in a lasting way.

Next Step Archery in Mountlake Terrace has been teaching this ancient skill for over 25 years, and they offer one-hour introductory lessons. So, this one's pretty easy and low-cost. Some of life's greatest joys are the things we least expect.

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This is by de, as the Spheres are home to an incredible amount of flora, including rare plants such as the Corpse Flower. As the world seems to be igniting in flames all around us, it's a good idea to pick up skills that could be useful in an apocolypse. Those in the Seattle area were treated to a spectacle last night as what looked like meteors streaked through the night sky. Trap yoga is a vinyasa class with a soundtrack made exclusively of trap hip-hop. They even have a four dollar happy hour with beer and wine.

You've seen it done at The Olympics, you've seen it on Youtubeand now it's your chance to try this bizarre pastime for yourself. Via Skagit River Eagle Tours. These cannabis retailers can only give out one pre-rolled t per person and only for people who are 21 years of age or older.

Ada's is also home to The Lab, one of the most beautiful event spaces in the city. Learn this possibly lifesaving skill together so that in the case of the apocalypse you'll both survive and be able to repopulate the human race. You can go to dinner and a movie any time, and there's always going to be some trendy new bar you just have check out, but a truly memorable date can be a challenge to plan.

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Photographers and nature lovers alike are drawn to this tour for the rare opportunity to see the eagles and have an immersive PNWwonderland experience on the river. Clearwater is surprisingly beautiful and is Washington's only waterfront casino. There is a catch, though. Dates are a way to spend quality time with someone you care about and want to know on a deeper level, and sharing unique experiences is a great way to do that.

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There are plenty of vaccine incentives being offered around the world in order to get doses into people's arms, and Washington state's latest perk program is good for anybody who's a fan of going green. Check out their calendar for upcoming events in their Lab. This 3-hour boat tour takes you down Skagit River-- one of Washington's most treasured natural rivers. If you're going to go for it, why not go all the way? But it wasn't meteors or aliens they were watching; instead, it was debris from a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that had launched earlier this month. We would say this isn't your grandma's Bingo, but this might actually be your grandma's Bingo.

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Argosy Cruises offers a wide variety of boat excursions around the Puget Sound, but the harbor tour is one of their most popular classics. While you're there, be sure to hit up the Longhouse Buffet to round out the full casino experience.

18 best things to do in bremerton, washington

Mary's Place is a family and women's shelter that gives refuge and support to local people who are in transition and need assistance getting back on their feet. McDowell says this is actually a common occurrenceas this is the 14th piece of what he describes as "space junk with a mass over one tonne" to reenter this year. The Seattle Bouldering Project is one of the premier bouldering gyms in Seattle. Whether you want to learn a new sport, take a day tour somewhere off the wall, or even play bingo at a casinowe've put together some ideas for next time you want to skip the trendy restaurant and go for something a little stranger.

Bring a date to lend a hand at one of the most respected and hardest working shelters in the city. A new trend has hit the group fitness scene in Seattle, and it involves listening to a lot of Drake. This one-hour narrated tour takes guests around Elliot Bay and delves into the fascinating history of Seattle's natural and man-made wonders.

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The food in their cafe rivals any eatery in Seattle. However, if you're able to get a good workout in and share some serious laughs together, this is a fun way to burn some time and some calories. You will receive a confirmation shortly to set a password for your !

Seattle has some extraordinary graves to visit. Time it right, and you can hit happy hour at the restaurant and watch the sunset over Puget Sound on the boat back to the city. While it's known for salmon activity and wildlife preservation efforts, it's also a prime location for spotting Bald Eagles in their natural habitat--and, possibly also a prime location for a fun date that's way more than you'd think!