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At Pittsburgh Singles, our matchmakers understand that dating is difficult at any age. Matchmaking services like Pittsburgh Singles are here to increase your chances of meeting quality singles who you have the potential to build a meaningful relationship with. Pittsburgh Singles personal matchmakers have helped countless singles find love and happiness.

Years: I'm just over twenty
Caters to: Hetero
Languages: Spanish
Figure type: My figure features is quite skinny
Music: Rap
Hobbies: Fishkeeping
Smoker: Yes

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At Pittsburgh Singles we understand that when people become members of such a personal service they may second guess their decision. When I received the 1st match they sent me, which is referenced in their response, I noticed that the gentleman was almost 11 years older than me.

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So I am not sure again, where my misconduct lies unless the company is referring to my complaint with the BBB The company's response to my complaint mentioned that I had already been given a match, which I rejected, and they have met their end of the agreement.

I did receive a call back from a counselor regarding my 1st match and my concern. Although Pittsburgh Singles has many success stories, our contracts which you have read and ed specifically states we are a introduction service agency that you acknowledge that we do not guarantee that dating will result from an introduction, nor any specific outcome from an introduction i.

Thank you for the role that you played in settling this matter. I had a bad feeling about them, so Pittsburgh kept Everything! Everything I am saying is completely Accurate and I will prove it to you! Based upon an analysis of your membership file thus far, it appears that Philadelphia Singles is providing service to you precisely in the manner you contracted for. There was 2 occasions when I could not get an Pennsylvania or a call back. If it was longer it was due to engaging conversation.

I also have proof of what type of guys I was given as matches!


They mention they have "chosen a very successful Dr. I did mention this fact in the beginning before my initial meeting with the owner and again after the complaint was filed both times via text. It was not a case of dislike and I was told the day I received the match that it was their mistake and it would not count.

I was definitely surprised when he mentioned my formal complaint stating my agreement could be canceled due to my misconduct. I am agency unsure what my misconduct was. Per the membership contract Agreement you are not entitled to a refund. Philadelphia Singles sincerely apologizes for any misunderstandings or lack of communication. Charge them these Ridiculous Prices for Matchmaking, which is nothing but pulling a name out of a hat! Unfortunately this browser is not supported. It does not appear that they understand that this is not embarrassment or remorse over ing their service.

Pittsburgh ask you to put faith and your money in dating. None of that is a matter of chemistry! Unfortunately, there are always Pennsylvania sides to every story. I cannot believe I am even writing a complaint. Not only did I go over our no cancelation or refund policy with her once, but twice. I currently am confused by being told one thing and now being accused of something else. But there is a lot of silence on their end which tends to make a consumer nervous. That increases doubt on the consumer's end. On November 23, we had a phone conversation with you. Both contracts are written in clear words and I even verbally explained the no cancellation or refund policy twice and she initialed and ed both contracts stating she understands the policy.

At Philadelphia Singles we understand that when people become members of such a personal service they may second-guess their decision.

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I do not wish to argue back and forth with PA singles. I do not believe moving forward with the company at this time is best due mostly to the issues of lack of trust with such an emotional and delicate situation. If you did not like the first match we have expressed to you we would waive this match.

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She mentioned that I should not reach out to him, that she was sending him an immediately telling him that our match was an error. It is the Total Truth!

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Please call our office immediately to your membership. Misunderstanding and miscommunications do happen and can be put behind you. But when those start to build, getting that confidence and or faith back is not possibly and that is where I feel we are. This is to inform you that Pittsburgh Singles and I have settled the complaint. And honestly, I was in. No right exists for that person to obtain a refund anytime thereafter simply because that person changed their mind. I could be wrong but it was more like 2 hours.

In fact we have chosen a very successful Dr. Please work with us and we will do everything we can to turn your initial experience around. I the discrepancies stated above directly affect the trust and faith I once had. As the owner of Pittsburgh Singles I apologize if there was any misunderstanding with your conversations you had with Autumn, but to her recollection that was your conversation. It has been a rough year for everyone. Their clients are Not Screened nor Background checked. We have met the terms of our contract which you ed.

Thank you for all your help in this matter.

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Meeting someone during normal times when you are a nurse working shift work is difficult to say the least. I also feel that throwing that they have a "successful doctor match" out there in their complaint response was done poorly. Shuman said well it's only money. Customer satisfaction is important to Philadelphia Singles and our staff looks forward to continuing to work with you in the process of finding that right match.

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My Age was Discriminated against. In their response it says they have tried communicating with me since the complaint with the BBB regarding moving forward and that I refuse to take or answer their calls. Pittsburgh Singles has kept it's side of the agreement and has remained within the parameters of the contracts. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

You were also made aware on our addendum which you initialed and ed that your ature below verifies that you understand that your preferences are "preferences" and not "requirements.

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I was lied to about the information of Matches I was given!! We have records of more s and the last on saying we would work on another match for you. Dear Mr. The next dayshe told your representative that she did not want to go forward with the agreement. Now throw in a pandemic and the fact that you are a nurse that Pennsylvania with COVID, and it will take a miracle.

Nothing was Further from the Truth!! I thoroughly in detail went over our no cancellation or refund policy. On November 30 we ed you the first match. We sat in my office discussing her likes and dislikes and had a very detailed conversation about our process agency how we could help her. I have contacted you by phone before your first complaint and offered to waive matches and I also offered you a partial refund and you rejected both. My complaint is Not false or slanderous. She then reaffirmed her intention to cancel any agreement the following day to you.

I dating not looking for money, success or a doctor and I said that the night I met with the owner. His age had Pittsburgh been updated in their system and his profile stated he was much younger.

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Having said that, Pittsburgh Singles is generous about replacing the introductions that do not result in meetings or result in very disappointing meetings. Once a person enrolls in our membership and pays for our service the sale agency final. You are no exception to to this dating and Pittsburgh Singles will work hard to find the Pennsylvania introductions for you. However our records show you ed up on November 16, and on November 18, we called you to give you a welcome call which you did not answer so we called again and left you a message.

When I complained about that, I was told that younger men want younger women! They stated that they would waive the 1st match since I did not like him. She further mentioned that it would not count as one of the 6 matches. I kept All information to do with this company! We have tried to communicate with you regarding moving forward with no prevail.

Years in Business: Overview of BBB Ratings. She told me he was a nice man and he would completely Pittsburgh. This is a process and if you give it a chance it can work very well for you.