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Occurrence and distribution of microbiological contamination and enteric viruses in shallow ground water in Baltimore and Harford countiesMaryland. The U. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Maryland Department of the Environment and the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, conducted a study to characterize the occurrence and distribution of viral contamination in small withdrawing less than 10, gallons per day public water-supply wells screened in the shallow aquifer in the Piedmont Physiographic Province in Baltimore and Harford CountiesMaryland.

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Navigate your way through the bowels of the NHSM Museum solving ever increasingly difficult puzzles that will challenge your naturalist mettle. Good luck. We know that the pandemic has affected so many lives. Once registered, you will be ed the link.

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View Public Profile. Metal 2. Remember Me? Members List. The only Glock I didn't change was my 34, because they already had the Ameriglo Hack sights, which are almost the same as the HD trijicons. BigRick Hooligan Send a private message to BigRick. Social Groups.

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They're okay at night Especially when it's dark But I want some new, metal sights, and it looks like and PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong that if you want such a thing, and don't want to go with fiber optic sights, all thats left is night sights. September 14th,PM 7 Captnstabn. They are waaay better than the original. I know you shoot a lot more than I do!

My next g19 will get a set of XS big dots just because I want to try them out, the ones I like the least will get replaced. I don't really like them to be honest.

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I havent owned any tru-glo's, but constantly read about problems with them and the front sight falling out. Images: 3. Date: Aug Posts: 24, The HD triji's has a narrower front sight so you can see the target on each side.

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BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I use RedBack1 sights on my g Great sights. PS: I have a rear sight tool so installation won't be a problem. Register Here Menu. September 14th,PM 6 niftyvt. The rear is serrated and has a U notch, which helps line up the dot on the front a lot better.

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Today's Posts. There was little to no space between the notch and front sight with them. September 14th,PM 5 obsolete. Send a private message to Devonian. Search Forums. Tag Search.

I'm glad you made this thread. Go to September 14th,PM 1 AliasNeo I know that sounds like craziness, but I'll explain. I actually rather like the Glock sights, but I want something metal. Just filled out the paperwork on a G21 Gen 4 and I need some new sights. Show Thre Show Posts.

I recently tried the HD trijicons, and have now switched all my Glocks over to them. The white ring is thicker than Trijicons and protected by the glass vial rather than laid on top where it can accumlate grime and dirt. I've got them on 1 or 2 diff't guns, and they do the job well. Fixed Sight 3. Images: 2.

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September 14th,PM 10 Captnstabn. Find More Posts by BigRick. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Best night sights for the daytime? September 14th,PM. AliasNeo07 Senior Member. Thread Tools. September 14th,PM 2 Devonian.

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BradMacc82 Senior Member. I used to be all about the mepro's, because the trijicon paint would come off with gun cleaner.

Not having the white outline on the rear site dots really helps with focusing on the front. I bought them a couple years ago. Tritium-Fiber Optic.

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September 14th,PM 8 lowoncash. Find More Posts by Devonian. Advanced Search.

Wrong document context!

Send a private message to AliasNeo Find More Posts by AliasNeo Devonian Senior Member. View Gallery Uplo. Display Modes.

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Also, they fixed the paint problem, they are sealed now. I also wasn't a big fan of how big the front sight post was on the meprolights. Have you had any problems with yours SCAR? Date: Apr Posts: 1, Images: 2. I know a lot of companies make these Right now I'm leaning to Meps over Trijicons but I like the idea of having a slightly smaller front sight and more "air space" in the rear notch for more precision But they also need to be metal Requirements: 1.

I don't want them snapping off from dropping the pistol or from trying to one handed rack the slide off my belt or holster or something.

I have a set of Triji's on my G I don't think they are the HD model. They are basically a black on black sight in the day and have tritium just in the front sight.

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Easier than non-hd trijicons to pick up during the day either a better white outline, or different sight picture altogether 4. I'm also looking for a good set of sights for my G September 14th,PM 4 BradMacc Novak, talk to them. Last edited by Devonian; September 14th, at PM. September 14th,PM 3 BigRick.

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Don't care for the painted white front dot, but I believe they have night sights available as well.