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First dates Winter Haven

According to experts, these are the most creative ways to start your relationship off on the right foot. Everyone knows the first date is the hardest one to plan.

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Are you planning a date night with your husband, wife, or ificant other in the Lakeland, Florida area? Everything listed below has been suggested by our readers as their favorite things to do on a date night in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Polk County, and Central Florida. Although we write for local parents, these ideas are for anyone on a date — from teens to college students to married couples to grandparents. These ideas are for the couple that loves to compete, play together, enjoy an activity on date night, or are looking for unique date ideas.

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This is a great way to shake off some cabin fever and get the blood flowing while having a ton of fun. Scream with the crowds, order too many snacks, and try and catch one of those fly away pucks or a players tooth as a keepsake to remember that great date.

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Everybody likes hot chocolate, eggnog, and apple cider this time of year. You might also like: s he is not interested after a first date to see if you should go on a second after this! Look for Ice sculpture contests, sledding races, hot coco contests, or whatever might be around your area to enjoy. Use different kinds of cheeses.

Why is painting with a twist the best date night idea in winter haven?

Make a cute date out of it and invite your date along to check out the holiday lights with you. Sip wine and laugh as the night goes on. Get some coffee too, and snacks to make it a perfect date. So, why not make a date out of mixing up these delicious beverages at home?

Sip on some mixed drinks as you both whip up gingerbread men, chocolate chip cookies, apple strudels, pumpkin spiced bread, or whatever else suits your fancy. There are so many to choose from for a date night that can be super fun. If you have a karaoke machine or know a friend you can borrow one from, then having a karaoke date night can be super cute and fun.

Invite your date along and revel in all the joyous winter fun together. If you like dressing up and going out for a fancy date, then go for it.

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This can be a fun date if you both shoot or want to learn. Especially if your man is trying to impress you by doing the cooking. This is probably one date that can get you the closest to seeing who your date really is inside. Take a cute date to the ice rink and go ice skating together. Take a day to make some art this winter by taking an ice sculpture class together! Look for clues to help you escape in time to beat the clock. Get a quick bite to eat afterwards to make it perfect.

It sounds a little bizarre, but sometimes soaking in a hot spring or a hot tub is just the thing to do in winter!

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In the winter spirit we should all consider others before ourselves. Or work on some fun ice skating tricks together. Lay a blanket on the living room floor right next to a big window where you can still enjoy the outdoors. Make or buy a warm meal and drinks and have a blast with your indoor winter picnic. If you both have a favorite TV show that you love to watch GoT, friends, greys anatomy, or whatever then make a date of it. a group of carolers and in the holiday spirit and fun. This is a great date idea. A painting while you drink date is super fun and perfect for a first winter date if you know how to moderate your drinking.

Finding some local winter events to enjoy can make the winter go by so enjoyably fast. Here are 50 Winter First Date Ideas that you can to try this cold season.

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Enjoy the soft music and romantic atmosphere. Nothing better on a cool winter night than to warm up by the fire while making a delicious ooey-gooey sweet and crunchy treat!

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Winter can be a gorgeous time of year to capture the raw, natural beauty of things. Buy a big bucket of warm, buttery popcorn, a drink to share and some candy. Bowling is so much fun, and is a great indoor sport to play in the winter time. Make it with as many and as much toppings as you want! White elephant parties happen this time of year and are fun to play. This date might help you decide if you really do want to go skydiving in the future. Volunteer your time Winter effort to help shovel sidewalks for people in your neighborhood, free of charge. You paid good for that meal after all.

Make popcorn, drinks, and snacks and sit your butts down on the couch and enjoy the snuggles Haven you indulge in your favorite TV show. If you and your date appreciate art, then an art gallery can be a perfect date. This is a good one to do so that you both stay in practice when it comes to shooting at dates. If you are a giving first, go around giving out the leftover baked goods you make to your neighbors or the homeless.

Going to the theater is always a good option for a date any season of the year, but especially in the winter. Afterwards peel off the layers and warm yourselves by a nice open fire with a cup of coco. Take along a thermos of hot chocolate or hot coffee to keep you both nice and warm. What will you ever do?! Never fear, we have you covered with 50 fantastic winter first date ideas.

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Add as much cheese as you want. A horse drawn sleigh or carriage ride can let you enjoy the winter wonder up close and personal. Sledding is a winter classic that you can enjoy all day long. Or playing a game with some friends. The same as snowboarding, if you want to enjoy the winter snow to the fullest get out there and go skiing! What and where is the murder weapon? Make it for yourself or as a gift for a friend. Why not stay in and cuddle in front of the TV with the fireplace going, homemade popcorn, and some drinks. Spend a date in an arcade where you can tag team and shoot monsters and save the world, or kick back in some nice car simulators and race for first place.

This can be a super fun date together if you both love the fitness lifestyle.

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Make it your own and go crazy and have a good time as you make this yummy dinner together. Such a fun first date! You can both share in the joys, adventures, sorrows, and triumphs of the characters on the as you read out loud to each other or read silently as you sit side by side. So your first date falls on a cold, wintery day? Blend up some drinks in the blender and get to having fun! Who did it? a team or the both of you can race against a team to see who will win! Volunteering your time together is a great way to show your date how kind you can be and how much you care about the people around you.

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Make a date of going to a football game. Try both and decide which one you like best. If you are knowledgeable about Winter and fun facts then you and your date should do first at this game! Snowboarding is an awesome way to embrace the new winter season and have a ton of fun. It can be a super fun date. Go to a spa and spend all day doing nothing but having massages, spa treatments, mud baths, steam rooms and kelp treatments, or whatever else they may offer. If neither of you like to cook, then just get take out, but make a day special dates sitting by a nice romantic fire and enjoying Haven dinner date.

And what was their motive? This date can be cheap with a dollar theateror more fancy with a theater that have recliner seats, a balcony that serves alcohol with a waiter who will bring you food off a menu! Volunteering together is a great way to pay it forward and to keep yourself aware of all the needs of others around you. Be sure to stop at a coffee shop or restaurant for lunch to keep up you energies and make the most of your day together.

No pizza tastes better than a pizza you make yourself at home.

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Enjoy the beauty of the winter wonder by taking a long stroll through the powdery, pure white snow together. You and your date can help each other buy presents for the members of your family. And if you guys both suck at it, you can always enjoy watching everyone else have tons of fun while you and your date drink.

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Play some air hockey, shoot some basketballs for a high score, or do some target practice. Reserve a table at a nice restaurant. Cuddle inside in some sleeping bags with a much deserved thermos of hot chocolate afterwards. We think having a first date in winter is a blessing rather than a curse.

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Indoor rock climbing is a good choice any time of the year, but especially in the winter time when it might be just a little too miserable for a date outdoors. Murder mystery dinner dun, dun, duuuuuun! Sing duets together or challenge each other to see who can sing a certain song the best.

By yourselves or with some friends. Make a meal of it! Snuggle up together and enjoy the ride as you ride through the city or town. Form your own teams, or bowl in a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Make yourselves comfortable in the lounge area if they have one and just enjoy spending time with your date.

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This could be a good relationship builder as well. Plan a date to experience all the wonderful winter traditions together. Make a fun date out of going to thrift stores and shopping for ugly sweaters to show off this time of year.