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Flirt a Oklahoma

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Note: Plant Finder listings do not represent current inventory and are meant to give customers an idea of the variety and selection that TLC Garden Centers carries throughout the year.

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For the OKC Thunder, he envisions a faster return to prominence than arguably many thought possible. More FS Northwest News ».

B/r three-year okc thunder plan expects a playoff return in

More FS Southwest News ». Will that pick be projected to be a generational talent and more importantly will they live up to those expectations? Tweet Share Pin. That is a common opinion by many analysts i ncluding Intentions writer Mark Nilon.

More Northwest News ».

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He also suggests this would be the season to begin the shift from sellers to buyers with a particular focus on disgruntled superstars. View all South East Sites.

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View all Southwest Sites. More Nylon Calculus ». View all Northwest Sites.

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More FanSided News ». View all Atlantic Sites. View all Our Sites.

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With the most draft picks in hand of any team in the association over the next seven years there is no need for knee-jerk reactions. More Pacific News ».

Thunderous intentions

View all Pacific Sites. Next: Kemba Walker for Ben Simmons swap worth considering. Intentions are already actively looking at these options and that will continue right up until draft night. What team could outbid them at this point? OKC Thunder: 3 options for pick No. Intentions would suggest placing more emphasis on trading up for a better draft pick, especially into the top three or four.

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More News Around the Network ». More FS Southeast News ».

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More FS Pacific News ». More Southeast News ». As Intentions has repeatedly noted there are so many intangibles when it comes to the draft. More Central News ».

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View all NBA Sites. View all Central Sites. Sam Presti packaging picks to trade up.

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More FS Central News ». The Thunder have probably collected enough young talent on the roster to start flirting with the playoffs and now have the draft ammo to go out and get another star. To that end, in the recent Bleacher Report article by Greg Swartzhe tackled the three-year plan for each of the lottery teams.

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He suggests using the six draft picks to obtain the best available talent. More Atlantic News ».

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And hey, perhaps losing more earlier in the season would be wise.