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Read the Full Article. Good day kansas jillian Good day kansas today Good day kansas hosts Jillian carroll Good day kansas live stream Good day kansas facebook Ksn Ksn main street kansas Good day kansas jillian We spoke about an intense time, the situations when is in need of emergency care.

Good day kansas jillian

Follow her on IG: msjillianann and Twitter: jillianthomas A couple of weeks ago we spent time with Orr Nissan Master Technician, Nick Kilian to learn the process of changing a tire and how Orr Nissan keeps you prepared to do so. You can even watch KSN News live for free! Also, parents, remember to take care of yourself so you can ensure the health of the family. Just four months ago, she made the move to Wichita and became host of Good Day Kansas.

Good day kansas hosts Right away, Mallory mentioned the importance of nutrition. If they do, your child should. What's your main goal when running your social media s? As host, her main role is to check out all of the new and exciting things happening, and to keep the people of Wichita in the know.

The only event I've had the chance to attend in my short four months of living in Wichita was the Chisholm Trail Marathon which was amazing! Side note: If you are a Chief's fan, she also has some ties to that organization. Perfection Builders: Andover Development.

Jillian Carroll. What do you do? They are there when needs critical attention and needs higher level of care immediately. Today Nick graciously took time to talk through the importance of regular tire maintenance and shared information on what the trained team at Orr Nissan checks on when you bring you car in for service. In the event we are, we can trust Children's Mercy will provide the best possible care for our children.

While your car is under care from Orr Nissan three major checkpoints happen: rotating tires, your tires will be balanced and the alignment of your tires will also be checked.

Good day kansas jillian

Jillian was a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader for six seasons where she proudly represented the Chiefs and the NFL locally, nationally and internationally. Children's Mercy transport. Good day kansas facebook From the moment you meet Nahid her warm smile melts your heart.

Good Day Kansas: Transport Services. Follow and Connect with GoodDayKansas! For more info on back to school health, visit Children's Mercy Wichita.

Good day kansas today

They have 13 ambulances, one helicopter and two fixed-wing planes. Mallory suggested keeping children on a schedule including a nonnegotiable bedtime. Although Jillian was born on the east coast, she grew up and has spent most of her time in Kansas City. Another essential piece of back to school health is getting enough sleep. In these situations emotions run high. How familiar are you with all of the cool things to do around the city? Classrooms will often allow students to carry a water bottle.

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In her short time here, she has truly taken time to experience what this city has to offers. Another tip she provided was the use of sanitizer, correctly; instruct your little ones to actually rub it in and that also means not squirting too much into their hands.

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Remember to wash hands after recess or being outdoors, and of course, before eating. And of course, she touched on the most important meal of the day: breakfast. I'm excited about the growth of our new show and of course the addition of Wichita Baseball coming next year. The structure of a routine will help ensure your children are getting enough sleep and can attack each day refreshed and ready to go.

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Jillian is the daughter of a 26 year Navy Veteran and an avid supporter of our military. Good Day Kansas Hosts. Jillian coaches a premiere youth soccer team in the Sporting Wichita Club, the local youth affiliate of Sporting Kansas City. It is a huge opportunity for Wichita to be seen under a national scope and I believe the first year was a huge success. Good day kansas live stream Do you know what is happening in your own backyard? Curb checking or hitting a pothole can throw off the alignment and would require your alignment to be checked.

I am also excited to get more involved in the community. They have a fleet available for assisting in emergency situation specifically for children. View the full clip via Good Day Kansas. Jillian played soccer at the University of Northern Iowa where she received her B. After graduating she moved home to pursue her Masters of Educational Administration at University of Missouri, KC and began her seven-year teaching career.

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The transport team at Children's Mercy is the best in country and has won every award possible. I heard from Heather about the confidence Children's Mercy Wichita can provide them. I admittedly creep all over social media to find interesting people and businesses to feature on my show! In my personal social media presence, I aim to encourage others to aspire to achieve goals, support others along my journey and just share my passion for living life. Jillian carroll A self-proclaimed tomboy, she played every sport under the sun including tackle football discovering her favorites, soccer and cheerleading.

Josh Silverman. Heather explained that most hospitals are trained for emergencies, but not emergencies involving .

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What's one thing you want people to understand about Wichita and it's people? They are the third busiest critical care transport program in the country. Because of the excitement from the fans in Arrowhead Stadium and their passion for the team and ownership, Chiefs Kingdom will always hold a special place in her heart.

Jillian continues to value education and its impact and ability to empower our youth. I'm also excited by the growth of soccer in Wichita and hope that continues! Jillian cares deeply for her family and friends and is eager to learn everything there is to learn about Kansas and more about the state she calls home. Having your tires balanced typically happens when they are new or your change a tire.

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She is always up for a workout, meeting new people or catching a game! Checking your alignment is important to make sure the contact your four tires have with the road stays consistent. The Children's Mercy Transport team is helping improve access for children in rural areas. I feel very blessed to have an opportunity to meet people across the state and they all have one thing in common: their kind, welcoming demeanor. Good Day Kansas Back to School. What's your purpose? It is just the beginning of bringing high quality athletes to compete at a top-notch sporting event right here in Wichita.

If for some reason you don't know, or are interested.

Wichita area events calendar

She taught third grade for six years and fourth for one at an inner city elementary charter-school, The Derrick Thomas Academy. She exudes joy and genuine care for every person she meets. After stepping away from the classroom, Jillian jumped into Sports Broadcasting with the Kansas City Chiefs as their digital host and sideline reporter where she earned her first Emmy Award.

Lastly, Mallory highlighted water intake as an important part of health in general.

You tell us!

Top Breakfast Spots? If for some reason you don't know, or are interested in learning more, you will definitely want to follow our next RepYour guest, Jillian Carroll. Namely, what is something people recognize you for? For this case, think "backyard" in a general perspective, as in, the city of Wichita. Standoff continues as police Kansas with armed man at Arrowhead Stadium Video. As a former NCAA D1 soccer player, she is passionate about the growth of soccer and is an advocate for youth dating. Rotating your tires should happen about every 5, -7, miles day is often done when your car is brought in for a routine oil change.

Mallory recommends adding fruits and protein to keep your children engaged all day. Deano's, BJ's Brewhouse, Mort's. I am blessed with a large family and a busy schedule, so you will could see everything from dinner with the girls to my family, and even my sweet youth soccer players all over my social media. From the moment I moved here I have been greeted by incredibly hospitable people. I run the social s for my Good Day Kansas show and there I aim to feature the amazing people, places good things going on in Wichita and the state of Kansas.

What are you most excited for in the next years in the?

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Sponsored content is copyrighted to its respective sponsor unless otherwise indicated. Good day kansas today A self-proclaimed tomboy, she played every sport under the sun including tackle football discovering her favorites, soccer and cheerleading. Certainly we never want to be in a situation where emergency transport care in needed.

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Be sure to check out the newest RepYou article below to learn more about Jillian, and tune in to the next airing of Good Day Kansas! What annual event do you look forward to the most?