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The Reverend C. Vivian died before finishing his memoir "It's in the Action.

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Despite all my reading, nothing could prepare me for the inevitable surprising questions students would come up with. Instead, my goal is to inspire every student to respect the challenges that face family medicine providers while appreciating the variety that the specialty offers. I would be happy to help you take that plunge.

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We were all students at some point. Soon after I started working with students, I ran into one of my residency faculty members at a conference. Not every student will choose a career in family medicine, but every student can learn something during their time with us that affects their future career.

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There is always something to learn within family medicine, which was one of the many reasons I chose the specialty. I have thought about this often over the years as I have worked with future surgeons, hospitalists and specialists.

What teaching students has taught me

We teach our patients about their diabetes; we teach our communities about the benefits of getting their flu shot. The final grade is a motivating factor for many but on a rare occasion, you run into a student that has zero interest in family medicine. And when they are ready to practice these guidelines, I know we can help develop the art of patient care together.

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How do you motivate them? While my lofty, unattainable goal could be to inspire every student to choose a career of family medicine or primary care, I know that will never happen. A career in medicine is to never stop learning, and we continue to be students long after our graduation date.

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And yet, I find myself learning something new each time I am the teacher. Only after being able to teach have I realized how much I have learned. Go to Top. As I moved through the years of medical school, however, the floodgates seemed to be more manageable.

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These are three things that I am reminded of daily while teaching medical students: 1 — You do learn A LOT in medical school. As the years go by, students process and synthesize the information more quickly. My involvement in medical school teaching started after a simple exchange. As a final thought, in my future years as a teacher and student, I hope we can continue learning from each other so that fire hose is easier to drink out of.

Q&a: c.t. vivian's civil rights struggle began in central illinois

She can be reached at [ protected]. On the other hand, clinical students push me to stay informed on the newest guidelines and treatment options.

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By Elizabeth Gabel, MD —. These are three things that I am reminded of daily while teaching medical students:. But as physicians, we are also teachers.

What teaching students has taught me

I try to know what I know. The competencies build on themselves, learning strategies are optimized, and students develop the skills to sail through the seas of knowledge with greater confidence.

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Many of us take the next step and teach residents and medical students. I have spent days re-learning the anatomy and physiology of a topic in preparation for the questions after a lecture.