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Applicants invited to enroll in the Magnet Academies program will have 15 business days to respond.

Downtown lafayette, la — advisory services panel

LPSS recognizes that some students with disabilities may have specific needs, which must be considered in the development of their educational program. Only applicants who fulfill entry criteria will be eligible for invitation to enroll. Applicants will be selected by random computer drawing for available seats.

It is the policy of the Lafayette Parish School System to provide equal educational opportunities for all students. Waitlist Process. The Magnet Academies utilize various priority indicators for qualified applicants accordingly. Elementary Applicants: A completed application, and to be considered for late entry in World Language Immersion 2nd — 5th grade: Proficiency in English and immersed language. Please call the Magnet Academies office for more information Parents may also visit any school and request to apply.

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Students not meeting the established criteria may be placed on probation. Those students who apply within the deadline and meet the requirements will be placed in the lottery. Applicants placed on the waitlist will have the choice whether to remain on a waitlist. The lottery is a computerized system that randomly selects students from completed, verified and submitted applications.

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An academy may set higher standards for specific coursework. Applicants must have completed all the curriculum requirements in their program and be eligible for entrance at the next level to qualify for pathway priority. Special Needs Applicants. If seats are available and entrance criteria are met, entry into an academy for grades K may close after the 10th day of school up to the first Progress Report date, depending on the academy.

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Students of Lafayette Parish can apply for admission into one of the Magnet Academies at appropriate grade levels. In addition to providing students the curriculum required by state guidelines, the Magnet Academies offer specialized theme-immersed programs, allowing for more exciting and fulfilling educational opportunities. Once an applicant has accepted the invitation, the parent must contact the Academy Director or Principal of the school to begin the enrollment process. Applicants must satisfy all applicable entry criteria or continuous criteria in the academy pathway.

Parents can appeal the decision to the Magnet Academies department within five 5 business days of receiving removal notice. Acceptance is limited by the of seats available and entrance requirement. The student will be placed on academy probation. Applications will open Monday, November 9,at am and will close Friday, January 15,at am.

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The initial invitation for academies with grade requirements is provisional. A student recommended for removal during the 2 nd semester of the school year may be removed from the academy however, the student shall be allowed to finish the school year on the academy campus aligned to school board policy JBCC. Applications will reopen a week after the lottery, once the lottery priorities have been ased. High School Applicants: A completed application and satisfactory completion of an interview, essay, audition, letter of recommendation, or examples of work.

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All students in the parish are eligible to apply for admission to any Magnet Academy. Once an applicant is formally invited and has accepted the invitation the parent must contact the academy program administrator at the academy school to begin the enrollment process. Removal from an academy would occur immediately. Academics: Students are to remain in good academic standing as determined by their academy. Participation: Students are expected to participate in any academy activity, including rehearsals, after school functions, and field trips.

Students who wish to apply for more than one Academy may do so; however, a student cannot apply to more than two academies. If there is a waitlist, the invitation will be sent to the next waitlist applicant. If LPSS.

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Middle and high school applicants will be considered for sibling priority only if they share the same birthdate twins, multiples. Enrollment is a commitment for the duration of the entire academy program. An official invitation is determined by a review of end of the year grades. Pathway Priority.

Students must also satisfy any dues or fees associated with the academy. Students who would benefit from ESL services will have their application considered for acceptance on a year to year basis. Sibling Priority.

A recommendation for removal from the academy will occur with the 4th violation for any enrollment expectation.

Lafayette parish school system magnet academies

Step five : LPSS will review both parent and school appeal documentation. In elementary school, this includes Level 4 discipline steps. Appeals which are not submitted 7 days prior to the initial lottery will be processed and expectations approval of appeals committee be entered into the 2 nd round of the lottery. Intentional falsification, distortion, or misrepresentation on an application will result in disqualification for acceptance into the Magnet Academies.

Students must fulfill entrance requirements to a Magnet Academy. Students with attendance issues may be removed from the academy. Step one : Academy school identifies ineligible students for lottery due to criteria stated on the Magnet Academy website. There are times when deficiencies cannot be resolved and it may be necessary to remove a student from an locations. Students in all academies are expected to complete required academy coursework, participate in activities, and fulfill academy expectations to remain an academy student.

The recommendation for removal from the academy would come from the school committee. Students who move into the district after the selection process is complete may apply to LPSS Magnet Academies through late entry and will be placed in an academy that has open seats and no waitlist.

Applicants who Lafayette for a Magnet Academy and then are retained for academic deficiencies are subject to losing their seat. The Lafayette Parish School System offers Magnet Academy programs at various elementary, middle, and high school levels. Individual academies may have additional entry requirements not listed in this general Entry Criteria. Summer school grades will not be used to qualify. Middle School Applicants: A completed application and satisfactory completion of an interview, dating, audition, or examples of work.

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Failure to fulfill this expectation is considered breaking the agreement made with the Magnet Academies Commitment Form. When deficiencies are discovered, school staff, the parent, and the student should take measures to strengthen the areas of deficiencies through due process. Students who have an older sibling enrolled in a Magnet Academy will be given priority to enroll in that Magnet Academy at the same elementary school. Appeals submitted 7 days prior to the lottery will be processed, upon approval from the appeals committee the application will be entered into the initial lottery process.

Applicants not accepted due to limited seats available will be placed on a ed wait list determined by the lottery system. Applicants not selected will be placed on a ed waitlist. Open enrollment will be on a first come, first serve basis after all waiting list priorities have been ased.

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Lottery Application Appeal Process. The student would return to their zoned school if the removal is taking place during the 1 st semester of the school year. Parents may visit www. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, students are required to complete the school year in the academy. Lottery Process. Failure to respond will result in an auto-decline. If an academy has academic grade requirements, the end of the year academic grades must be verified by June 10th.

Once a seat is vacant, the next applicant on the waitlist will be invited to accept a seat. Eligible applicants placed on waitlists for two academies must respond to the first invitation received within 15 business days. Eligible applicants with two applications who are invited to one and waitlisted for the other must respond to the invitation within 15 business days.

During an appeal, the student remains at the academy. Language Immersion Applicants.

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Parents who do not have access to computers, may come during business hours to the Magnet Academies office located at Chaplin Drive, Lafayette, LA to complete an application. Beginning August 1st, once an applicant has been notified of acceptance they will have 48 hours to accept or decline the seat. Phase II applicants must meet all requirements to be accepted into a Magnet Academy. Academy students should excel in academics, attendance, discipline, and participation. Removal from an Academy. All students must live in Lafayette Parish to be eligible for a Magnet Academy.

Priority status is only activated once all other criteria have been fulfilled. Academy probation will result with the third violation for any enrollment expectation. Students who incur Level 3 discipline steps, recommended for an expulsion, or attend a disciplinary alternative school, may be placed on probation or removed from the academy.