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JCPenney Style on the Go curbside pickup is completely Contact-free and a convenient service for customers available at all go-forward stores. Order 2 hours prior to closing to get it today. Here's how it works

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I cant help it when every time I look at this blend to i instantly get hype. So, there are some pros and cons but nevertheless a beautiful style! Looks best waist length included in price or longer. Immediately it brings you the changing colors of the eaves in fall and will definitely put you in the seasons changing mood.

A super fun look for my girls who definitely want to stand out. My method mixes one of my custom hand mix ends with a base color of your choice.

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But if done right, it can be a super neat beautiful style that'll have people stopping you in the street to ask who did your hair. They all sound like weed strains but hey, what can I say? Don't be afraid, get into it.

Best believe no matter which version you choose, you'd fall in love with it and everyone else will too! Get light curls and human hair texture if you don't want to really deal with the upkeep. With the mix of only two colors usually never mixed together, something dope was created.

Choose a category I would like to schedule You heard right! Pictures will be taken.

Please make proper arrangements. Contact directly for info. Otherwise, appointment will be cancelled if not received within 1hour. What else can you ask for besides a beautiful execution of the style? Goddess box braids are box braids with curls only on the ends. You will not be able to change your style once you book but you will be given the chance to reschedule your appointment 2 times.

It is counted towards your remaining balance but if you cancel your appointment your retainer fee is forfeited. Can be used while in braids or while your hair is out and can even be used directly on the braids to soften them up and add back shine.


Non-refundable if you cancel. If you think it may be too bright for you, adjustments to the color mix can be made. Please be considerate. After-care Kit! Lavender and coconut Lime Verbena to tone down the smell of Vinegar.

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In this case, I was intrigued. It battles dandruff, buildup and penetrates deep into the hair follicles giving your hair strength and moisture while in its protective style. A natural creamy remedy for dry to severely dry hair. Redeem Coupon Code or Apply. So, you don't need to do a whole lot of work. This beautiful blend in this small size adds a little pizazz to the beloved, classic box braids.

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Available as an add-on under most styles. A giant stringy, colorful fun mess. You know how confetti looks right? Please notify me at least 48hrs prior to your appointment about any changes that you may wish to make. You will receive a text message reminder before your appointment. Its a pretty option for those who don't want a whole head of color still want that unique look. Contact to consult if unsure 4. Would you let down your hair?

After then, I will assume the style is holding up well and you'll lose any fixing opportunity. Autumn is a beautiful mixture of reds and blondes and when braided, because its blended so well, it gives an illusion of Ombre. This blend looks great in all styles, sizes, lengths and on ANY skin tone.

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This particular s-medium size is a cute in between size of small and medium. This look redefines ombre and will definitely get he turning.

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I think this Blend matches that so well. Please be fee ready. All payments are non-refundable and must say "non-refundable" in the reason line along with your appointment date.

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With little to no product in your hair. Please do not arrive to the appointment with your hair still in its natural curly state or unwashed. Log in.

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A beautiful blend of blonde and chestnut to create a stunning look. Like all boho styles on this site, there will be some required maintenance for this style BUT on the upside, this only comes in a light curl fullness. Any remaining balances must be paid in cash the day of.

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It makes the skin pop, looks good against all skin colors and looks even better in sleek, flat Knotless. Available as an add-on under majority services. I highly recommend this color blend for knotless braids and in longer length. Your hair must be inches long all around to be serviced.

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Where did you buy it from? This style cuts down on tension and heaviness. A nice little outfit coordination or even just filling in your eyebrows will work BUT definitely not required. However, if you have any issues with your style please let me know within a 7 day time period so that arrangements can be made to fix it.

Blonde is incoprated in this mix that is not in the original "Aztec" to give it more uniqueness, depth and to add brightness. None will be placed in the braids which cuts down on maintenance by a lot.

Available under most most styles as an add-on. Everyone loves a good, classic set of box braids. You could even add some wooded be at the end to create a boho chic look. Once appointment is made, you will be sent payment instructions via text or you can use the link below:. If you need to reschedule for the third time, your payment will be forfeited. All you have to do is tell me your favorite color and watch the magic happen. A timeless traditional style that looks good on anyone.

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No one braid will look alike and looks fantastic in any length. A super light leave in conditioner no more than a nickel size for the whole head or a super light oil is fine. A style for my ladies who've always wanted a boho look for their twists.

Feel free to come looking like you got somewhere to be! Any length would do just fine for this mix BUT I highly recommend in a knotless or box braid look only. This blend is beautiful in any style, any length and looks bomb on all skin- tones! Your payment will also be allowed to be refunded up to two weeks prior to your appointment if you need to cancel, any time less than that, it will be non-refundable unless I have to cancel. This color mix will add a lil pizazz to your braids, it'll make you look like the queen you were born to be honey!

Contact to consult if unsure. This means you get the curls that you want for less work on upkeep. You may be able to get away with 3.

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You will be banned from booking again. Looks fantastic on medium to dark skin, may wash out lighter skin tones, so knowing what looks best on you is something to consider for this unique combo. Contact directly for info Please notify me at least 48hrs prior to your appointment about any changes that you may wish to make.

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This look is super lightweight, twisted from the root for less tension and same day styling.