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In Elk Grove Villagerecycling has been a part of the community's mission for over two decades. It was one of the first communities in the State of Illinois to offer a curbside recycling program for its residents. Recycling helps make the world a cleaner and healthier place by reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills.

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Mercury poses a potential health risk, and therefore should be recycled. Waste Management Customer Service Mon. If you are new to the Village, establishing your garbage service is as easy as picking up the phone and calling Waste Management at Waste Management bills residents directly and sends out refuse and recycling bills on a quarterly basis. There is no cost to the resident for this service, within the limits below.

Do not vacuum up broken pieces, and open windows to ventilate if possible.

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The fact is that some recycling actions make a bigger impact than others. Residents are welcome and encouraged to continue donating to charitable organizations—this is just another option available to keep items out of landfills. Tree trimmings and branches cannot be wider than three and a half 3. Please do not bring two or four foot fluorescent lights to the Village for recycling. The Village only accepts compact fluorescent bulbs. If a CFL should break simply wet a paper towel, wipe up the breakage, put the contents in a sealed bag and throw away in the garbage.

Residents must face the sticker on the street side of the container s for proper pick up. Containers for single-family homes and townhomes are required to be made of metal or plastic, not exceeding thirty 30 gallon capacity each, and must be sold commercially for the specific purpose of garbage and refuse disposal. How the program works:.

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Carpeting 10 rolls, rolls not to exceed 4 feet in length Small appliances Large toys Bedding mattresses, box springs, frames Lawn care equipment gasoline or oil must be emptied Swing sets Snowblowers gasoline or oil must be emptied Vacuum cleaners Bicycles Furniture sofas, loveseats, chairs, bookcases, shelving units, desks, lawn chairs Kitchen cabinets disassembled Toilets separate tank from seat sinks Vanities Old garbage cans Barbecue grills.

The franchised waste hauler collects all system waste.

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CFLs must be placed in a sealed plastic bag before dropping them off for recycling. If you need additional bags, metalhead can Elk them online directly from Simple Recyclin g. The container is required to have a close fitting top or be capable of being tightly closed by tying the top. For single-family residences, recycling is collected on the same day as your garbage pickup. For single-family homes attached and detachedthe Village has a franchise agreement with Waste Management for refuse, recycling, and yard waste collection.

The Village receives a per ton rebate for recyclables. If you have any brush or tree trimmings, cut them up and bind them into bundles of no more than four 4 feet in length, two 2 feet Grove diameter and weighing no more than fifty 50 pounds per bundle. To initiate or terminate refuse collection, contact Waste Management at To ask questions or report problems with curbside waste and recycling service, including missed pickups, please call Waste Management:. Remember the essentials. Dating following items are accepted:. In addition, they also contain numerous metals and a steel shell which can also be recycled.

Garbage, refuse or recycling containers and lawn waste must be placed out for pick up by a. Missed pickups can be reported directly to Simple Recycling on their website at www. Simple Recycling offers a convenient and environmentally friendly way to keep such textile items from ending up in a landfill.

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These carts have made it easier to place recyclables at the curb, protect the recyclables from wind and weather, increase the amount of materials that could be recycled, and eliminated the need to separate recyclable materials. A separate truck will collect appliances on your regularly Elk pick day. Garbage containers cannot be placed at the curb until p.

On days Grove than collection days, all garbage, refuse and recycling containers shall be kept in the garage or in a reasonable location within the side or rear yard of any property. Many appliance dealers will also take away your old appliance for free or for a nominal charge. The container shall have a close dating lid, and shall be kept closed at all times when garbage or refuse is present. If disposing of boards or planks, items must have nails removed and be tied into bundles weighing less than 50 pounds and less than 3 feet in length.

For more information what to recycle, and other information on the Village waste and recycling collection program, please download the Elk Grove Village Waste and Recycling Collection Guide. State law prohibits the disposal of appliances in landfills. Stickers are available for purchase at the Village Municipal Complex and at the following stores:. Because there is such a small amount of mercury in a CFL, there is no immediate health risk if a bulb breaks and it is cleaned up properly.

Yard waste is picked up each year from April 1 to December Yard waste metalhead takes place the same day as the homeowner's garbage collection date. Visit www. For more information on this program and the upcoming dates, please. Increasing the amount of paper, cans, and bottles that go into the recycling cart and decreasing contamination can make a huge difference.

A CFL is an energy saving, long life fluorescent bulb that fits into a standard light bulb socket.

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Residents may not dispose of their garbage and refuse on their own. Simple Recycling collection will take place on the same day as your regular curbside waste and recycle pickup. Sixty 60 or ninety 90 gallon refuse containers may be rented on a monthly basis from Waste Management at 1 Suitable containers for multi-family dwellings shall be made of metal or plastic with a capacity of thirty 30 gallons or more, deed for the specific purpose of garbage and refuse disposal. Please do not bind the bundle with wire or nylon cord. For more details about the program, visit www.

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Residents of condominium and apartment complexes need to follow the rules established by the owner, complex association, Elk management company. Pick one up next time you are at Village Hall! Recycle Right, an educational campaign that focuses on bringing consumers and businesses back to recycling basics, promotes three basic tenets to better recycling:. Is this program replacing donation centers run by charitable organizations Amvets, Wings, Goodwill…etc? The Village establishes all charges and rates for solid waste disposal and recycling.

Tossing recyclables into the trash costs the Village, and you, in disposal costs and lost revenue. Under the Village collection program, yard waste must be placed in gallon biodegradable "yard waste type" paper bag, unlined gallon rigid metal or plastic garbage can, or in the gallon wheeled containers available through Waste Grove. Since metalhead, Elk Grove Village has provided recycling service to the community. This program is only provided to single-family homes in the Village that receive curbside waste and recycling service. All persons owning or occupying real estate within the residential areas of the Village are required to dispose of garbage and refuse through the municipal waste system.

No container s shall be stored or maintained within the front yard area of any property at any time. The d waste hauler shall be responsible for supplying and maintaining the container s to all multi-family complexes. Inthe Village instituted the recycling cart program. To view a map of garbage and recycling collection days, please.

A CFL contains an average of five 5 milligrams mercury, roughly equivalent to the tip of a ball point pen a mercury thermometer contains x that amount. Conference of Mayors. Please keep in mind that road construction, equipment availability or other factors may require service times to vary without notice, so it is important to place containers out on time, rather than relying on normal service routines. Under the agreement, refuse is collected once per week throughout the Village.

You can also pick up additional bags in-person at:. Waste Management, the Village's residential refuse collector, provides a bulk item collection service for materials which are too large to dating handled by their regular refuse collection equipment.

In July ofthe State of Illinois banned the disposal of large appliances white goods from all state landfills.

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Waste Management's Recycle Often. If your collection falls on one of those holidays, your garbage and recycling while be picked up the following day. The carts have a 64 or 35 gallon capacity.

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Each homeowner participating in the program will be required to purchase a sticker s. Any subsequent collection days will also move forward one day. Elk Grove Village was one of the first communities in the state of Illinois to offer a curbside recycling program to its residents.

Guidelines for residential conservation efforts

To assist you in that effort the Village is providing a CFL recycling program to provide an environmentally safe way to dispose of your CFls. Yard waste includes leaves, brush, grass clippings, garden waste, and tree and brush trimmings.

The following guidelines describe how to properly handle the containers:. Each CFL contains a small amount of mercury sealed within the glass tubing.

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Residents are limited to dropping off a total of 12 CFLs per visit.