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Mexico girls looking for sex

L upita is in her 30s and works as a laundry maid in several houses in Mexico City. She can still remember the first time she saw a girl taken from her home village. She was 11 years old.

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But this only scratches the surface. Thousands of women and girls from Mexico are forced into an underground sex economy in both Mexico and the United States. Traffickers can be powerful criminal networks or individuals, like employers, romantic partners, or coyotes. Some victims may be trafficked by their own families. The women are often economically vulnerable and recruited through false promises of jobs, love, and a better life in the United States.

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Tenancingo: the small town at the dark heart of mexico’s sex-slave trade

I was so ashamed. He made me live a very sad, ugly, desperate life. Tenancingo is the most notorious hotspot in Tlaxcala, with some estimates suggesting one in 10 people are actively involved in trafficking.

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The old interstate highway connecting Axotla with Tenancingo is lined with cheap hotels. One in five children here wants to be a pimp when they grow up, according to a University of Tlaxcala study.

Mexico's lost daughters: how young women are sold into the sex trade by drug gangs

They operate with almost complete impunity. But 16km north in Axotla del Monte, population 2, the concentration of garish mansions and flashy sports cars is even more conspicuous.

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They are still married, and live together near where the girls are forced to prostitute themselves on the highway. Huge, gaudy houses are scattered among ordinary, modest homes in Tenancingo in the state of Tlaxcala, which is a hub of sex trafficking. Nina Lakhani in Tlaxcala. In Tenancingo, population 11, the presence of organised crime is breathtaking.

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Tlaxcala has no refuge for trafficking victims. Poor, uneducated and often indigenous girls and women are dazzled and lured with the promise of jobs or marriage. She was 15, from a poor family in the state of Mexicoand had been cleaning houses since the age of eight.

For most, Tlaxcala is only a pit stop until they are sent to more lucrative locations in northern Mexico and the US. In recent years the modus operandi for trafficking throughout Mexico has shifted from kidnap and brute violence towards psychological deception and fake relationships.

Prostitution and trafficking of women and children from mexico to the united states

Two police officers are stationed less than metres away. This article is more than 6 years old. Official notices indicate a few recent closures, but many more are under construction.

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Local crime families have grown rich by luring poor, uneducated girls into fake romances, then forcing them into prostitution. This improbable crime story began in the s after industrialisation, when working-age men returned home from neighbouring states to find few opportunities beyond badly paid factory jobs.

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US authorities have prosecuted several powerful Tlaxcala families, most famously the Carreto clan, who between and d uped, coerced and trafficked Mexican women into prostitution in New York City. I pray one day this town can come out of this. She desperately wanted it to be true, and within a fortnight moved with him to Tenancingo.

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Observer dispatch Mexico. A government official told the Observer there were no red zones in Tlaxcala. Sun 5 Apr Topics Mexico Observer dispatch Americas Sex trade news.

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The mansions look like fancy multilayered wedding cakes adorned with sculptured eagles, lions and swans. There are an estimated 20, trafficking victims in Mexico every year, according to the International Organisation for Migration. Here, a group of men in their 30s and 40s sporting deer jeans and T-shirts knock back cold beers under the piercing afternoon sun.

Everyone knows who own the big houses, though, despite pressure from NGOs to improve transparency and target trafficking proceeds, there is no public land registry.

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Pimping and trafficking, which they had seen while working away, was a way to get ahead, and many set up small, family-run sexual exploitation rings. In December the army was drafted in after police officers were almost lynched trying to detain an alleged trafficking family. Huge, tawdry houses are scattered among rows of ordinary, modest homes.

Thousands of women from mexico are forced to sell sex in the u.s. we need to end it.

This is another red zone, home to loyal, close-knit communities. Trafficking networks rooted in Tlaxcala are the biggest source of sex slaves in the US, the state department has said. Authorities have rescued trafficking victims, closed down more than bars, nightclubs and hotels, and conducted hundreds of awareness-raising events, it added.

Two-thirds of youngsters surveyed knew of at least one relative or friend working as a pimp or trafficker. This is a deeply religious place, where the indigenous Nahua people united with the Spanish to conquer the mighty Aztecs, but which over the past five decades has transformed into an unlikely hub of human trafficking.

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Reuse this content. He courted her, promising marriage and a home. Around midday, young women wearing fake leather trousers and platform heels emerge near the hotels to attract the attention of passing motorists. This article was amended on 10 April to correctly place Tlaxcala east of Mexico City.

Sex trafficking, child marriages linked, study of mexico finds

It took almost 10 years for one victim, a woman from Guadalajara, to be reunited with her daughter who was left growing up within the Carreto family in Tenancingo. The grandiosity continues into the cemetery, where tombs are ornate and extravagant — not unlike those seen in villages of the northern state of Sinaloa, from where many of the drug cartel leaders hail.

He was a cocky, charming year-old from Tenancingo, a small town in the neighbouring state of Tlaxcala. It is a wretched scene. Trafficking has become so normalised and rewarding that young people look up to them.