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Native Plano TX people meet

After a year-long delay, the Tokyo Olympics are here. The Dallas Wings guard, raised in Georgia, is playing in the newly introduced 3-on-3 basketball format in the Tokyo Olympics. Allisha Gray, 26, was born Jan.

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By Nataly Keomoungkhoun. None are in North Texas. To understand why no tribes are in this area, Curious Texas took a step back to research the history of Native Americans in Texas. After Mirabeau B.

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us on Zoom for our February meeting on the 15th at for social time, for quick announcements, then our program. Marie-Theres was a self-taught botanist who mastered a vast amount of botanical knowledge. This month the floor will be open to discuss your gardening efforts in the last year.

He has made the study of plants his passion for the past 37 years. Smith, Lee Dixon, Julie Ryan,? This presentation goes into the relationships of riparian areas to the uplands that provide water to the riparian areas and the importance of good land stewardship for the maintenance of healthy creeks and rivers. You can us early at for social time and troubleshooting connection. us on Zoom for our March meeting on the 15th at for social time, for quick announcements, then our program.

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It is with the sadness of her loss but the joy of her memory that we invite you to share with us the funeral of our beloved Marie-Theres this coming Thursday, February 25th, at am at St. For those of you unable to attend in person or reluctant to do so in the midst of a global pandemic, there will be a livestream provided by the church. He ly worked at several botanic gardens, most notably as director of The John Fairey Garden formerly Peckerwood Garden in Hempstead, Texas where he assisted with the transition of this internationally-acclaimed private garden into a public garden.

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Cordially, Niculin and Joachim Herz. Thank you also to all of you who have expressed your condolences and shared memories of Marie-Theres these past 6 weeks — they have been deeply appreciated. A trip to Costa Rica motivated her interest in butterflies, and her subsequent volunteer activity with Texas Discovery Gardens has given her the opportunity to develop her gardening skills.

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Please do remember to wear a mask and to maintain social distancing. Photo by Cindy Kearney.

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She was quick to help verify identification of specimens collected by others. The remaining fragments of blackland prairie habitat harbor a variety of plants that are of great conservation concern. Marie-Theres was a born educator who loved to share her knowledge of native plants with others. Several folks have had issues with the password. She organized and led identifying and collecting walks for other Master Naturalists and the general public, adults and children.

She could identify hundreds of plants by memory and was adept at using botanical keys to accurately identify new specimens.

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We will discuss what goes wrong when vegetation and landform cannot support the excessive amounts of water provided to the creeks, say from overgrazing or urban growth, and how erosion. Covid safety protocols will be in place. Marie-Theres and Joachim were married, and their son was born in She then pursued her interest in native plants with the same zeal, dedication, and precision that she dedicated to her scientific career, to raising her son, and to every other pursuit and ed NPSOT in Sept.

Please note, it is our understanding that there is no limit to registrations, but we currently do have a plan with a limit of attendees. Based in Navasota, Texas, Adam combines his experience in the fields of botany and horticulture by promoting diverse landscapes while also collaborating with various gardens and universities collecting imperiled plant species for the purposes of research and ex-situ conservation.

Carol grew up with a nature photographer father and wildlife artist brother, and has spent much of her life looking around in the great outdoors.

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Saturday, May 1st from 9am to 12pm. She helped teach herbarium volunteers to collect, press and mount plant specimens. Registration is required. After registering, you will receive a confirmation containing information about ing the meeting. us on Zoom for our January meeting on the 18th at for social time, for quick announcements, then program.

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Hummingbirds hold a special interest for Carolyn and Jerri, and they love sharing their knowledge of this unique and magical bird. Lusk Memorial Award; an award which honors a citizen scientist for collecting and preserving Texas native plants for public education by providing an outstanding contribution of herbarium vouchers.

Masks must be worn, maintain social distancing, and everyone must -up for a shopping appointment.

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Please us via Zoom on the date as we will not be live streaming or recording. The family is still planning memorial options and considering a safe one outdoors. The scientific names of plants might seem like a giant pain to learn, but they carry more useful information than you might think. She and her husband own and operate Clark Haven, a wildlife preserve and custom wildflower seed business in Cooke County. We hope and pray everyone stays well and to see you in the coming months.

We imagine most of you have been taking this extra time at home to work on and even expand your gardens. Adam Black is a lifelong plant enthusiast with a passion for the rare, unusual and esoteric. They have traveled extensively in North America to see and record the many interesting and unique species found here.

To understand why no federally recognized tribes remain in this area, we took a step back to learn about texas’ history with native americans.

In order to reduce risk to our members, we are canceling our upcoming meeting. We will show how creeks can be restored by removing the hindrances that created the problem. Adam Black as he explores these habitats in search of rare people, wildflowers, and other interesting or inconspicuous plants with the mission of ethically collecting propagation material for collaborative ex-situ conservation for both seed banking and for backup of living material in botanic garden safe sites around the country.

I will show several native riparian plants and discuss a strength rating of each plant as well as its wetland indicator rating which shows how much wetness a plant can tolerate. A genuine land steward who combines his knowledge of the land with an appreciation and respect for the land. She collected additional specimens used in outreach activities of the North Texas Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists. Learning just a few common roots for form, size, color, origins, shape and habitat can help you decipher those names and choose the right plant for the right place, save you time and money, and lead to a whole new avenue of enjoyment in your gardening life.

Photo by Alan Lusk. Even if not technically listed as endangered or threatened, many species that now survive in randomly isolated tracts of blackland prairie are still important candidates for preservation due to isolated genetics and the uncertain future of land management. She created and presented a program for children to make cards using pressed meet and flowers. If the meeting password does not work, please try your Zoom password.

As the mainstay collector for the herbarium, Marie-Theres personally collected and pressed over specimens that are now a part of the Dallas County Herbarium Permanent Collection vouchersEducational vouchers vouchers and donation to BRIT vouchers. She spent countless hours in the field looking for specimens to collect in every corner of Dallas County.

Janet D. When we take Plano herbarium vouchers out of the binder and put them on display, the wall gets elevated into an art gallery. Photo by Karen Almond. We also give her credit with deing our chapter logo. She then focused on continuing her volunteering with the NLCP committee and missed only one of the first 30 classes, assisted in the selection of plants for the North Texas program, provided most of the live samples, organized several of the training classes, taught several classes, and scouted and led the plant walks.

This will take a full hour to give and I will native a handout that list riparian plants of north central Texas including their strength rating and wetland indicator rating. Her favorite things to do are leading discovery walks in local natural areas, and finding and photographing interesting plants. Both are avid gardeners, dedicated to making their backyards welcoming habitats for birds, butterflies and bees.

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