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Online dating scams Memphis Tennessee TN

Memphis, TN — Benard Okorhi 42, of Lagos, Nigeria, has been sentenced to serve 75 months in federal prison for his role in an international fraud conspiracy that used compromised s to steal from businesses and romance scams on internet dating sites to trick individuals into wiring money overseas. The scheme is estimated to have cost residents of the U. Acting U.

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They will never say you will go to jail for not paying. Include the names of the companies and people you spoke with. Only enter banking or other sensitive personal information on secure websites that you trust.

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Department of Justice, Elder Justice Website : www. They say you must act right away. Check the URL site address to see if the web address matches the one for the real company. If you get a telemarketing sales call after you are on the registry it might be a scam.

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This is a free trial offer. Social Media facebook twitter. Look out for websites with misspelled words or logos and pictures that are hard to see or read.

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Go to TN. Print This. Do you live alone? Scammers can be polite and charming. Remember, utility companies usually send notices of overdue service fees by mail. They say you owe back taxes. If you receive this call, contact the IRS right away ator visit their website: www. You trust me, right? Here are some places you can call for free: Eldercare Locator helpline, Department of Health and Human Services : Anti-Fraud Hotline U. Senate Aging Committee : between 9 a. Look out for statements like these:.

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They may even try to scare you by saying you could be taken to court or to jail. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at www. Also write down the dates you spoke with them. You must immediately to receive your refund. Are you an older adult?

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They ask for your credit card information over the phone. Do you have savings? They may send you an or text like this: Warning: We have detected an unauthorized transaction on your. Scammers may offer prizes, products, or services. Tell your family, caregivers, and friends : Tell others what happened so that they can help you and protect themselves.

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Or they may install malware—a program that steals your personal data, like usernames and passwords, or even whole computer files. Always call your utility company using the on your bill to find out if you really owe them money.

You have to pay us now to receive our special offer. Our records indicate that your was overcharged.

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Scammers use the internet or telephone to trick millions of people every year into sending money or giving out personal information. Or they might say you must give them your bank to receive a tax refund. Ask them to give you contact information and send you information in writing so you have time to research the organization and review the offer. Once they have access, they say your computer has many different viruses that they can take care of—if you pay them a large amount of money.

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Phishing Scam : Scammers pretend to be from credit card companies or banks. To ensure your is not compromised, please click the link below and confirm your identity. EST, or visit www. They may know your name or certain things about you and make you feel special. This will protect your information so no one else can see it or use it.

Then be on the lookout for scammers. Only share your financial and personal information with callers that you know and trust. Go to Search. Scammers may or message you and say they are a family member or someone who wants to be your friend. It says your computer has a virus or other security issue. You are told you must call a tech support company.

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They promise things like lottery winnings, prizes, friendship, or romance. Call the company using a from their official website or the phone book. This company asks for remote access to your computer so they can fix the problem.

They may say they work for a company that you recognize. They trick you into giving them your personal information. Educational Materials. Take Action and Report : Contact your bank or credit card company right away.

File a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission at www. Stop the payment if you can.

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They try to win your trust and ask you to send them money. But they take your money and never give you the winnings they promised. They may be fake sites run by scammers. Then they ask you to pay them upfront to cover fees or taxes. Lottery Scam : Scammers say they are lottery officials or with a sweepstakes company.

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Pay with a credit card. They may even say they love you. When you use your credit card, you may have protections against fraud through your credit card company.