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View Version. William Patersonsoldier, explorer and lieutenant-governor, was born on 17 August in Scotland. As a boy he became keenly interested in botany and inthrough the patronage of Lady Strathmore, he was enabled to visit South Africa. He made four journeys into the interior; after he returned in he prepared an of his experiences, entitled Narrative of Four Journeys into the Country of the Hottentots and Caffrariawhich he published and dedicated to Sir Joseph Banks in In Paterson became an en in the 98th Regiment. He served in India and next year wrote to Banks about specimens from the island of Johanna and his hopes of further finds on the Malabar coast.

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The quality of that briefing, and the work of public servants to ensure a seamless transition to. Advisory Group to develop a blueprint for reform of the public service.

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We acted early and. First, the Group will oversee the completion of an international benchmarking exercise to. Australia has weathered the global recession better than most other countries.

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Only three per cent of APS employees moved between agencies inaccording to the. He earnt a reputation as a restless intellect, a person of great compassion and yet a tough-minded reformer. This is truly one of the most remarkable features of the Westminster tradition, and it is one we.

This kind of mobility must be encouraged to enrich the ability of individual public servants to. As I have said before, we.

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It is the view of the Government and the he of the APS that only by hiring. Australia rapidly implemented a comprehensive stimulus package that will save over.

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A second area in which the APS must renew its efforts is in the delivery of citizen-centred. In conjunction with senior public servants, we held induction sessions for incoming ministerial. One of the important traditions it is creating is this oration - an excellent occasion to advance. The vast majority said they were. We are facing challenges so complex in their causes, so shifting in their natures, so contentious. Public service management. But we believed that over the preceding decade the critical lines between politics on the one.

The threat of global financial institutions collapsing; credit markets failing; the private economy.

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There are still too many impediments and disincentives for employees moving. Of those, 39 per cent of agencies reported that they spent less than one per cent of their. I believe that is an entirely reasonable and achievable aspiration for the APS - if we take the. But in the face of the challenges facing us in. And to restate the theme of this conference, they require governments and public services to.

Paterson, william (–)

It is an honour to be delivering the third John Paterson Oration - following on from the. These figures are just not good enough for a professional public service. In other words, they were nation-builders - with their own professional public service tradition. Through the work on the Nation Building plan, I have seen a public service filled with capable. We introduced.

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Based on what I have seen as Prime Minister and on what I. Consider the challenges we have confronted since the global financial crisis escalated so. Public servants, from portfolio Secretaries in Canberra to front-line workers at Centrelink, work. Part of Australia's resilience is due to the success of our policy response. In my Department, the new Strategy and Delivery Division is breaking.

Their task was to work swiftly, work across boundaries, work together and make sure the job. More than half of APS employees surveyed were ambivalent. Deliver high-quality programs and services that put the citizen first. I believe the next stage of renewal of the APS requires more than just piecemeal change. We have introduced legislation abolishing conclusive certificates under the Freedom of. This is particularly urgent when the proportion of the APS workforce aged over 55 has.

Thirdly, there is a clear need for a stronger collective identity within the APS. In only.

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It is no surprise that a British report last year reported that 87 per cent of Australian citizens. Movement between the APS and external employers is higher, but. Above all, they require.

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South Wales timber worker, it is clear that the APS principle of promoting merit over privilege is. State of the Service report. In those years, all the major legislation governing the public service, some of it dating back to.

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Public service ability. For the first time there was an influx of brilliant outsiders to manage great wartime enterprises, to staff the departments of Treasury and. Australia was one of the first countries in the world to announce a bank. And critically, that the APS does.

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Australian Public Service. APS delivered, although the rollout will continue to be challenging given its scope and urgency. RUDD, Kevin. To overcome that challenge, the APS needs to invest more in developing the right people. Firstly, while the APS ranks highly in global terms for providing independent and impartial. More than 30, infrastructure projects worth. The government I lead came to office committed to renewing the movement for reform while at.

What is more, if public.

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Finally, and critically, the APS must renew itself through investment in its greatest asset - its. Increasingly, they also require us to work with governments abroad. Provide flexible, agile responses to changing realities and government priorities; and.

Over time, the APS has begun to create policy through taskforces and teams that are formed. There was no night of the long knives. Information Act and the Archives Act We introduced a Register of Lobbyists to. We made merit-based selection mandatory for most agency he and statutory office holders. Maintain a culture of honesty, impartiality and fairness, with a focus on retaining public. These were the first steps in our plan to reinvigorate the Westminster tradition in an Australian.

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That is why I am pleased to announce today that the Secretary of the. We introduced a code of conduct for Ministerial staff that sets out standards of professionalism. Provide high-quality, forward-looking and creative policy advice. Public service ethics.

Paterson, andrew barton (banjo) (–)

They require new, collaborative approaches to. When we needed to make decisions swiftly, the APS was able to deliver first-class advice within. Construction work has begun at more than 5, Construction has begun on nearly 1, new community and defence homes, and we. They often require partnerships with the private and community sectors. Nevertheless, the State of the Service Report showed that the APS is still far from having a culture of innovation. We need to create more customer-friendly services and make more services available through.

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State governments worked together; public sector agencies worked together; staff put in long. State coordinators for the implementation of the Nation Building for Recovery programs, the. Inonly 54 per cent of APS employees thought their agency had good feedback.

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On all three fronts, many challenges still lie ahead but so far the APS has performed well. The Australian and many overseas governments worked together through the G Federal and. Our Government 2. Australia - unlike every other major advanced economy - to date, has not fallen into a technical recession. We have a strong APS, but much needs to be done to achieve these objectives.

Such problems defy conventional approaches. The relative success of Centrelink and Medicare in delivering frontline services.