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Some traffic and criminal charges allow for a Mail-in Fine Agreement. The municipal prosecutor may offer a plea bargain on traffic infraction tickets, which will reduce your points and possibly your fine; upon payment, the original violation will be dismissed. The court must receive all payments made by the court date indicated on the ticket.

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You may post the bond yourself or through a surety.

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The Marshal Division consists of a chief marshal, five full-time marshals and five part-time marshals. Juvenile Criminal cases - Monday through Thursday at 2 p.

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City of Lakewood S. English Select this as your preferred language Arabic Select this as your preferred language Vietnamese Select this as your preferred language Thai Select this as your preferred language Spanish Select this as your preferred language Russian Select this as your preferred language.

If you are d to drive in another state, the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicle will initiate revocation proceedings in that state.

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Additional fees may be incurred to reinstate your driver. The judge issuing the warrant will set a dollar amount for the bond. Please contact the Lakewood Marshals Division for additional information regarding warrants.

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Warrants and Bonds Bench Warrants Bench warrants are court orders for police to arrest someone and place them in custody until the court reconvenes. A bond must be posted on a bench warrant to secure release from custody.

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Home - City of Lakewood - Logo. Municipal court warrants are issued for failure to appear in court at a scheduled court date, or for failure to comply with other orders of the court. Overview The Marshal Division is responsible for processing warrants, transporting prisoners, operating a security check point for all people who enter the Lakewood Public Safety Building and for the general safety of people who have business with the court.

Individuals must post a bond to secure their release from custody. Colorado law requires the Division of Motor Vehicle to suspend your driver when a warrant is issued for your failure to appear or comply with conditions of a traffic summons or any type of offense if the person is less than 18 years of age.

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All Lakewood Municipal Court warrants issued may be enforceable by law enforcement agencies within the state of Colorado. Warrant Resolution To resolve any warrant, you should appear at the Municipal Court Violations Bureau see below schedule for possible appearance times. All marshals are sworn certified peace officers by the state of Colorado. Adult Criminal cases - Monday through Thursday at 9 a.

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Back to top. If we are unable to schedule your appearance with an available judge, you may be required to post a cash bond. Limited court availability on Friday.

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To resolve any warrant, you should appear at the Municipal Court Violations Bureau see below schedule for possible appearance times. Share Facebook Twitter Print. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must accompany you.

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Please contact the Lakewood Marshal Division for bonding procedures. Attempts will be made to schedule your appearance in front of an available judge.

Payment options

By posting the full amount in cash, either by the defendant or by another person, this amount may be applied against any future fine imposed by the court, or the money might be returned in full if all subsequent court appearances and obligations are met. In addition to the bond amount set by the judge, a warrant fee is imposed by court order on each warrant issued. Contact the Marshal Division by phone at or by fax at Warrants and Bonds Bench Warrants.