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There are about 38, new HIV cases each year.

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Luckily, his pediatrician caught it. Brief hunger strike at El Valle Detention Brief hunger strike at El Valle Detention Center protests long detention, conditions.

Improving access to coverage

Lopez recommends everyone between the ages of 13 and 64, who have ever been sexually active or shared needles, should get tested at least once. Data from the CDC reveals four states and a U. Lopez is one of a handful of Latino leaders regularly meeting with the CDC advocating for more Latino health care resources in the Valley and nationwide.

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Typed out. New data from the Centers for Disease Control is raising concerns about the widening, yet, largely unrecognized HIV infection rates among Hispanic and Latino populations.

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By: Taylor Winkel. It was never something that I ever saw posted. Not everyone you meet online is honest.

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Benevides found out he had HIV when he was 17 years old. Call Monday through Friday 7 a.

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Los Fresnos wildlife park offers new learning experience with animals. Underscoring the impact of undiagnosed cases and the critical need for more HIV testing have a handful places offering free testing.

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Photographer's Perspective: Using natural sound to tell a story. At the time, he knew nothing about the virus.

Comprehensive hiv/aids services

The key for the initiative to be successful everywhere though starts closer to home. For some, he says every six months can be even more effective.

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On Grindr and all that. Special Report: Guatemalan teenager held in network Special Report: Guatemalan teenager held in network of hotels, hidden from her own attorney. Conversations will hopefully bring us close to breaking that stigma that even the most comfortable patients struggle with. However, Lopez says not everyone feels comfortable asking for them, because of the stigma — the prejudice and homophobia. These s are alarming medical professionals in communities, such as the Rio Grande Valley, where the majority of residents are of Latino descent.

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Anyone who injects drugs or has sex is susceptible to the virus. Planned Parenthood pushes for youth vaccinations against HPV. Sports Video.

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If not, they run the risks of infecting others and shortening their own lives. News Video. Because parents are still not having this conversation with their children.

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Today, because Benevides takes his daily medication, the virus is undetectable in his body. Because the stigma of this disease is still so strong in the Valley.

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Asked more questions from the person before we slept together. But in South Texas, health experts are identifying another factor contributing to the spread.

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