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We accept donations throughout the year at your Main Library Cedar Street. A permit expires if work has either been suspended for more than days, or if work has not commenced within days after the permit was issued.

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Local Amendments to the codes are available in booklet form online as printable versions Pamphlets and for purchase from Building Inspections. The homeowner or tenant is responsible for maintaining the area between the middle of the street to the middle of the alley or the back property line if there is no alley free of litter, debris, and high weeds. You can also call inspectors directly using their phone s listed in the Staff Directory.

Inspections ensure compliance with applicable building, zoning, health, and safety codes.

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You may contact a professional landscaping or tree trimming service to assist you with the trimming. Please note we stop receiving donations the week prior to the Annual Book Sale in preparation to move all donations for the sale. For property owners, a Stop Work Order will be posted and an investigation fee equal to the amount of the required permit fee will be assessed.

If the dumping is elsewhere, please provide as much information as possible to assist us in an investigation:. No materials are used towards next year's sale unless donated back to the library at a later time. You may begin to donate after the sale has ended. We can be contacted at at For all other buried lines, dial If service is not available in your area, call For more information, visit the Texas website.

Electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing systems

We accept cash or checks and credit cards and debit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Diners Club. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association, Abilene vehicle wrap can generate between 30, to 70, impressions daily. Please be sure to arrive early to do so. A construction inspection is a visual check of the construction work to ensure that structural integrity, safety, and adherence to code is maintained. During this time, if you still wish to donate, you may be asked to bring your materials to the Abilene Convention Center located at: N 6th Street Abilene, TX There will also be two specialty areas including the Corner Store featuring almost new books at a fraction of the original cost and the "Antiques and Uniques" area for rare and collectible materials.

Health and safety issues take first priority. There slow ren's section and we suggest you arrive at the sale early as this area is a popular section. During the growing season, complaint inspections and abatement are ificantly dating due to the of calls received for tall grass and weeds.

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Certificates of Occupancy are coordinated by Building Inspection at An application may be obtained from our Applications. A permit is also required for any of the following concerning any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing systems:. A small fraction of items come from the library's collection. Only the Preview Sale requires a Friends' membership. You may choose to stay anonymous; however, the Code Enforcement Officers will not be able to inform you of the actions taken. We'll provide you with contact information for the event's volunteer coordinator as we get closer to the next sale date.

There are a of volunteer opportunities both before, during, and after the sale. This service is free for Abilene residents.

Buildings & structures

To report tree limbs touching electrical lines, call American Electric Power AEP at ; to report tree limbs touching telephone lines, contact your telephone service provider. The Building Inspections Department is staffed by professionally qualified d or certified:.

Residents are responsible for the trimming of trees located on their property, to the center of the alley, and in the parkway the area which extends from the property line to the curb or street pavement edge. Effective May We will no longer be accepting donations of materials until time to be determined. Yes, if replacing more than 5 squares one square is a 10 by 10 area, or approximately three bundles of shingles. Code Officers do not discuss the name of a complainant with a violator when a complaint is investigated.

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Additionally, carports in the front of a house may require a special exception. Owners may obtain the permit and perform the work on their own homestead. From the initial inspection to owner notification, and to subsequent abatement, there may be delays due to the timelines set by the State, and by the property owner's willingness to comply.

We do ask that you bring your donations to the alley behind the Main Library where the outside book drop is located Monday through Friday between 9 am to 4 pm You will see double doors where you may then ring the door bell and someone will come out to help assist you in unloading your donations.

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Any associated cost is the responsibility of the contractor or owner. City staff members perform inspections respective to the industry. If a second violation occurs within 12 months, a ten times fee will be assessed. Corrections may be necessary to meet the code requirements. Permits are required to enhance the safety of City occupants, and are used by the City of Abilene to regulate construction.

Commencing construction without first obtaining a permit is a code violation, and violators are subject to receiving a citation.

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Show All Answers. Following codes ensures that all construction in Abilene meets minimum standards. Several factors may contribute to the amount of time required to respond to a citizen's report of a nuisance, including:. Only a d plumber can make a service connection to a City sewer main.

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You can come to City Hall in person or file a complaint by calling You can also make a complaint via the Report a Problem. Call the Environmental Enforcement Office at with as much as you know about the event such as the:. Leaving contact information is vital to a thorough investigation.

The of calls received may also affect response times. Although we appreciate your donations, we ask that you not donate materials once materials are moved to the Convention Center.

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Your support of the sale not only helps you stock your personal libraries, it helps to support your public library to provide enhanced library services including materials, equipment, programming, and staff training opportunities. Remaining materials are donated slow local organizations and non-profits.

A permit is required whenever an owner or authorized agent intends to do any of the following entailing the occupancy of a building or structure:. Contact Building Inspection at for the proper permit before scheduling the work. Particularly by reaching consumers who receive less Abilene from traditional channels such as print or broadcast Arbitron Corporation.

Applicants should contact the Planning and Development Services department at for information. For contractors performing re-roofing, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and irrigation work, a Stop Work Order will be posted, and an investigation fee equal to the amount of the required permit fee will be assessed. The majority of materials are received through donations dating the community.


Any construction requiring inspection that has been covered will be exposed to facilitate an inspection. Officers will try to perform an initial investigation within 2 to 5 days. If the work is to be performed by a contractor, the contractor must be a properly d plumbing contractor and must be registered with the City of Abilene. American Express not accepted. The Department of State Health Services DSHS requires that, before renovation or demolition work begins, an asbestos survey must be conducted by an individual who has been accredited to safely and accurately collect representative samples.

Whether targeted to pedestrians or vehicle passengers, vehicle media has the power to reach mobile consumers. It's a great opportunity to see what the Friends do.

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Proceeds go towards benefiting the Abilene Public Library. Contractor information may be obtained from the MyGov website or by calling To become established, you must complete the necessary steps, depending on what type of contractor you are pursuing. If you're not a Friend of the Library, memberships may be purchased the night of the Preview Sale at the Convention Center.