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When making your user profile, you can share as much or as little information about yourself as you like. Additionally, the device keeps tabs on your workouts, stress levels, sleep, menstrual cycles, and so much more. One of the main features that sets the Sense apart from both competitors and other Fitbit devices is its ability to perform a quick ECG scan to help keep a closer eye on your health.

The Sense calibrates your heart rate approximately every 5 seconds using a Pure Pulse 2. The ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT is a 2-in-1 exercise machine, offering the benefits of a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine in one device.

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The Fitbit Sense comes with a proprietary charger that fits into a USB port not included and magnetizes onto the back of the watch. However, the added protection would have come in handy since my watch already has a slight crack in it.

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The whole process, including downloading the apps I wanted like Spotify and Weathertook about 30 minutes. The Fitbit Sense tracks a wide variety of metrics to provide deeper insight into your overall health. The Fitbit Sense features a square face with rounded corners and a crisp, clear display.

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Keep in mind that while some of these are recorded automatically, such as your heart rate, others need to be entered manually, including your water and food intake. The part of the face that touches the wrist is aluminum. Before diving into the features and de of the device, here are some key specs to be aware of:. While I want to love this feature, several aspects of the exercise widget experience could be improved. The lack of an actual button does take a little bit of getting used to, but it becomes intuitive eventually.

I chose to input my name, birthday, sex, height, weight, and details on my menstrual cycle. It also features three sensors that are geared more toward health data, including the Pure Pulse 2. Next, open the widget on your watch. Once charged, it will ask to pair with a nearby WiFi network, which requires your WiFi password.

That said, I do appreciate that you can swipe right to see the time, time elapsed, steps, heart rate, calories burned, pace, distance, average speed, and Active Zone minutes. The app also features a leaderboard, which displays the total weekly steps taken by your friends.

Fitbit sense review: a feature-packed smartwatch at an affordable price

The calendar reminders are also helpful. Otherwise, you can simply turn on the screen by pressing the button on the left side of the device. SpO2 measures blood oxygen saturation.

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Read on to find your inspiration. Your purchase includes the watch face, a water-resistant infinity band with a loop and peg closure, and one charger. The Fitbit Sense has a responsive touch screen similar to that of a smartphone. Fitbit Pay functions almost identically to Google or Apple Pay, though the latter options are not supported on the Sense. Nevertheless, if I was a more avid runner, walker, or cyclist, I could see the Exercise function being more useful.

Each purchase includes a free 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium — an app that offers personalized insights, a breakdown of your sleep score, workout videos, health tips, recipesand more. Niacin vitamin B3 is a very important nutrient for your body. To use the feature, start by enabling the ECG widget in the phone app.

Looking in the Fitbit Community forums, others have had similar issues. The contacts offers several accessory bands that are purchased separately, including leather, nylon, steel, silicone, and sport options. While I like the Tyler of this feature, 2 minutes of sitting still can feel like a long time in the middle of a hectic day. Adding friends is a great way to stay connected, as you can participate in activity challenges together, such as who can get the most steps free a day, as well as cheer on one another to stay motivated.

In fact, my biggest issue with the watch is that the of features is overwhelming. If you plan on wearing the watch regularly or have a habit of sex things, I highly recommend purchasing the extra coverage. Just keep in mind that while some smartwatches offer on-demand tracking, the Sense only monitors SpO2 while you sleep. Strength training can provide numerous benefits for people of every age, size, and shape.

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Swiping up and down reveals your Core Stats for the day, including calories burned, steps takenfloors climbed, and Active Zone minutes more on this further down. To access features and widgets, you simply swipe up, down, left, or right. It also gives you the option to download a wellness report, which tracks all your data over 1-year, 6-month, 3-month, and day increments.

See which ellipticals our team has handpicked to get your fitness on in What kind of workout can you expect to get on wheels? Fitbit, the iconic fitness tracker company, now boasts a vast of products. I find that my wrist is between sizes for the closure holes, making the device cumbersome to put on.

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We examined whether roller skating is good exercise and have the answers. Fitbit Sense basics. Another useful feature is the Smart Wake alarm, which wakes you at the optimal time during your sleep cycle within 30 minutes of your set alarm time. Your reading will then pop up directly on the Sense. Using a combination of your breathing and motion patterns, the device senses when you fall asleep and tracks your sleep stages throughout the night. The infinity band is a peg and loop closure that loops under the wrist, so no strap hangs out.

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At the end of your workout, the Active Zones chart shows you how much time you spent in the fat burning, cardio, and peak zones. While the watch offers exercise tracking and Active Zone data, other smartwatches on the market provide more robust and sport-specific workout data. The scan can also alert you to potential s of atrial fibrillation Afib — a serious condition that should be discussed with a healthcare professional.

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Here are the 9 best Fitbits of If you're looking for a fitness tracker that won't break the bank, look no further. While the screen is made with Gorilla Glass 3, which is supposed to be more durable, I ended up with a small crack in my screen after dropping it on a hardwood floor from about 3 feet The watch face is easily customizable using the Fitbit app.

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However, it cannot download images sent in text, and you can only respond with quick replies if you have an Android phone. NordicTrack's product line includes several high quality elliptical machines. All of these factors are combined into an overall score from 1—, with indicating top quality sleep.

The Sense is available in two styles, including a black silicone band with a graphite stainless steel bezel, or a white band with a gold stainless steel bezel.

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The Sense comes with the Wallet app that supports Fitbit Pay — a cardless payment system that you can use anywhere that accepts contactless payment methods. The scan works by measuring electrodermal activity in your palm while you go through a guided mindfulness session.

See which NordicTrack ellipticals our expert handpicked as the best of…. The Sense can track over 20 types of activities, including running, swimming, yogaweightlifting, hiking, and spinning using the exercise widget.

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As for apps, there are many to choose from. The device comes with a 1-year limited product warranty.

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Another similarity to many smartphones is that instead of a physical button, the left side of the watch has a haptic button — an indent that gives vibrational feedback when pressed — which helps make the watch more water-resistant. If you prefer a different color, you can easily swap the band out with the push of a button.

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What is the difference between adrenal insufficiency and adrenal fatigue, and how are they treated? Speaking of Active Zone minutes, these metrics are customized based on your ideal heart rate and age. For friends with Fitbit profiles, you can also add them to your friends list by searching for their username in the Community tab of the app. It has many health benefits, along with several side effects if you take large doses…. In the morning, you can access a full breakdown of how the night went, including your time asleep, time spent in deep and REM sleep, and restoration level.

Charging the watch fully takes 1—2 hours and should give you up to 6 days of battery life.

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Here are the 9 best affordable fitness trackers of Read why iFit's closed-captioning feature is such an important step toward making home-based fitness more accessible. Using Bluetooth, the Sense can receive smartphone notifications, including calls, text, and calendar event reminders.

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I have my watch configured so that in addition to Core Stats, swiping down also brings up the weather, data on my menstrual cycle, water intake which needs to be logged manuallyquick access to guided breathing, and the EDA scan.