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White girls dating San Francisco guys

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They view this situation as a betrayal of the utmost degree and their own rational for not supporting Asian women is thus deemed warranted.

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Our society teaches that White men and women are beautiful and desirable,"Very clear. Here in Singapore, Asians are a majority but worship whites. Suggested Re. When Fetishes Collide. When whites are displaced by foreigners as in computer science there is a hue and cry, but foreign whites displace Americans white, Asian or otherwise in Hollywood, no one gives a damn!! Or how this is going to affect the growth and strength of our community?

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She graduated from U. Search form Search. If you treat the cat like a human, it would jump on the dining table when you are having dinner.

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If it's wrong, it's wrong but that's the way I feel. Not very different from the Yellowface or black face shows of yesteryears. What does this say about dating in our community? If you treat the cat as a cat, it would behave like a cat. The first step is to always identify and acknowledge the problem before you can solve it. Does it make a difference if the woman lives in another place, say Chicago or New York?

However if anyone from the API community is weak-minded enough to date or marry someone for superficial and ignorant reasons such as stereotypes founded in racist and fetish ideas then that is their problem.

If they cannot get a white American they go for a foreign white and give him or her American accent. If you identify those then it will be easier to understand this situation. I'm not going to lie about it. And to all my API brothers and sisters out there, stop hating yourselves, stop hating each other stop fighting over the scraps in life, we deserve more.

That Asian men are ugly, weak and foreign. They're concerned for their future children and other single Asian men who are down on their luck and demoralized. Yes, I've contemplated that it's demoralizing.

The problem is, Asian women haven't even acknowledged it or even care about the effect it's having on Asian men. Rice Patty, you and your other friends who think this way are partly responsible for this gender divide. You are strong and beautiful, do not let anyone tell you otherwise! Even in areas with high s of minorities like CA,NY. Pull your head out of your ass, learn to rotate your brain, and view all aspects of the situation before you come to a simplistic conclusion befitting a shit-chucking orangutan.

It saddens me to see all this ignorance and dehumanizing practices. Glad to know that there is at least one non-racist white female Wow, you're right, Rice Patty. Do you agree? Go abroad and find yourselves wives Another point. They also tell me that they are very racist.

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This gender divide is causing more problems that one can imagine. That goes for employement, relationships, and social assistance. I have male Asian friends too. Someone should compile 'best-of' conversations and publish a book from it for future generations. Besides a few tangents, this is some awesome thread. For the record I never argued that love is colorblind, as my comment got skewed, I said that there are additional factors that influence relationships.

For instance, I know many Asian men that refuse to stick up for Asian women for this reason alone.

In order to speak from your high horse for such a long time without your ass getting sore; you need a saddle. I have more shocking news for you; all of them are married or have steady girlfriends. What images does it portray? Lisa Wong Macabasco. On Asian American Dating. And Rebbecca don't give me this personality, interest, outlook on life, sense of humor BS. If that was the case why don't Asian American Women date high percentages of other types of men?????

While we do acknowledge that some Asian men are lashing out in unreasonable ways, at least we acknowledged a problem. Your "saddle" is to pawn off all detractors or complaints from Asian men as being "bitter" and "dateless.

Drop the fantasy people and see individuals for who they are. Forgot to put my handle on that last post.

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And what about gay Asian Americans? No doubt it's contributing to the gender divide and causing more strife but while it's childish to say such, I will anyway. Six of Asian male friends complain about the situation for Asian men and how Asian women have pretty much shunned them from greener pastures. They don't state that there is something "off. Lisa Wong Macabasco ed Hyphen in ; she has worked as the magazine's features editor, managing editor, and editor in chief. Fasicnating here in Singapore, Chinese men will complain about Filipina women dating white men, but themselves think that it is beneath their dignity to date Filipina women, most of whom are maids.

Now, what have you and your friends done to stop blaming women? It depends on how you treat the cat.

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When the Chinese first came to this country, we formed our own enclaves and Tongs to protect ourselves from whites. And yes, I know all about how Asian men are portrayed in the media and this society.

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Oh, please. Second, why aren't the Asian men competing with white men regarding mail order brides?

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They enjoy the privilege of being white. What themes does it reinforced on a daily basis? Until Asian women are more willing to support Asian men and evidence is plentiful, I believe their main form of assistance should come from white men. What assumptions do you make about girlfriends of Asian American men? So, majority is not the issue. Don't be so naive. Sure, you'll have many who are just single and bitter but why is it so difficult to believe that many of these Asian guys who are complaining are simply concerned about their other brethren?

That is very unreasonable. A friend says that if he met an Asian American woman in the Bay Area, and she mentioned she had a boyfriend, he would assume her boyfriend was white. If you find yourself waking up to an unhappy and unhealthy relationship you can point it out to the fact that you pursued your partner or they pursued you because of some fantasy.

Personally, I only help other Asian men in every aspect whenever I can.

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Ignore the hype; ignore what the mainstream wants you to think. Also, while an obvious statement, it bears remembering: not all Asian Americans are alike. So, the Asian men have to accept part of the blame. Oh and invest in some good marriage and family counseling because chances are your children will witness your damaging relationship and need help as well.

That Latino women are overly sexual, foreign, maids.

However, Culture is very important to me and I am able to connect with women of my culture on a completely different level. I wish them the best of luck in their fundamentally flawed relationship. Just a thought before the weekend: if I tell you that I — an Asian American woman who lives in San Francisco — have a boyfriend, what ethnicity would you assume he was?

We are all influenced by the messages of our society. I am sure the same old questions will be asked again 20 years later. All of this infighting and pursuit of racial superiority is so damaging. Has anyone ever even contemplated the idea that this issue is extremely demoralizing to the point where they're afraid of asking Asian women out because it's perceived that they don't date Asian men? Take a look around its everywhere Is n't it possible that the problem is not with Asian women but with white women being racist and would not date non-white men? Former Editor in chief.

So, why are they complaining then? More foreign than the white girls they are recruiting from England. I am a strong, beautiful and intelligent Asian American Man. I am confident that I bring so much to a relationship and I am truly looking for an equal and a partner to live my life with regardless of race. Why would they? Black women are overly sexual and aggressive.

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Every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. I can assure you I'm not a white guy attempting to interject conflict into this thread.

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