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Yonkers NY dating white girl

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How old am I: 37
Meeting with: I love gentleman
Gender: Female
Hair color: Fair hair
Languages: I understand English and Romanian
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
My favourite drink: White wine

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I'm living kind of in between Flatiron and Murray Hill, but found the latter a little young I'm turning 37 yo soon for me; Flatiron would be a better fit for me than MH. I'm more than willing to travel to the other boroughs for places that are a better fit. I don't focus on particular neighborhoods per se, but look for quieter spots based on Yelp reviews that tend towards lounges as opposed to rowdier bars, nighclubs, etc. I go out lounges, etc. I preface what I'm about to say by acknowledging that I'm speaking in generalities, this doesn't apply to every case.

I have had lots of ups and downs in the northeast. I'd prefer more of a subdued, relatively well behaved crowd that's quieter than some of the more rowdy places. I had a grunt level job on Wall Street.

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Well I already told her I am doing nothing and I live in city so I say yes. There are parts of this country where you can date outside of your race and be happy. I said we should all get together, her friend jumped in and said I have a pen just give me your so we can plan something. I think many black men who prefer white women do so because that is the closest they can get to achieving those things.

The clock is ticking. I am about to leave and she goes let me thank you for taking me to museum and went to town on me like out of a movie, it was insane hot. The northeast is a mix of materialism, poor socializing, segregation, prejudices, and placism.

Well she calls me a few days later, we chat, then it turns out the blonde was busy and asks me what I am usually do Saturday afternoon, I said pretty much nothing. Amazing part at that point in my life. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced.

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Here is the sad truth. What kills me is when many black men justify their preference for white women by saying "black women have attitudes" or "white women are easier to talk to". Originally Posted by ElysianEagle. As you've observed, some places are date spots, others are more for hanging out and meeting new people. To be honest, I think the bigger reason is they have programmed to see white women in the best light. Usually in those cases, that particular lipstick or outfit isn't even naturally appealing to most women but because A-list celeb has it, they feel they must have it too.

Yonkers singles have the best time dating here

All other White nationalities fall in line behind them or benefit from what the Brits accomplish simply by race association with the Brits. And that is the frustrating part. If a woman is going to go down on you after one date, it's because she wants to go down on you, not because she wants a husband.

Then when done I catch my breath for like 30 seconds, she goes well I know you are meeting buddies to go drinking tonight and you don't want to hang around and spoon, get out of here, go take a nap at home and have a great time. You're right about choosing carefully -- most of the places have been geared towards dates, groups, etc.

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Thanks for the tips -- happy to hear advice from anyone willing to answer. It might be a shock to some dudes but--gasp! Thanks for the tips!

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You know what plenty of guy might have fallen for her move. I always thought that if I got a good education, was polite, honest, was well groomed, committed no crimes, had a job, was loyal and just a good man that I would find someone. That said, I am partial to Tribeca as I like the vibe and quiet of the area. My belief is because Whites actually the Britsafter the Dark Ages, emerged at the top of the pecking order.

I agree with you on that. It trully doesn't make sense to live to up here. She asked me if I want to come up to use bathroom and get something to drink before I went to subway. A tiny tiny square foot studio. I believe this applies in a lot of cases where BM covet WW. Last edited by Beliciano; at AM. Originally Posted by Beliciano. This is a phenomenal thread. If money is the thing to have then everyone will kill themselves to have it.

I actually was talking to this hot blonde, who lived two blocks from me at one of the balls, who was there with her friend.

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Originally Posted by Klassyhk. Personally, the vibe I get from most white women who are of average attractiveness or higher is that they think they are doing me a favor just acknowledging my presence, so I won't be big upping them like many other black men do!! Race and religion play a very large role up here and while there are many people of different cultures and ethnicities, people are only here for money. I also like Flatiron which is near my residence. I dated lawyers, traders, models but as my Brother told me every single girl over 30 who has already accomplished their career goals and are type A have in their head planned out every detail of their wedding, how many kids they want, what type of house in surburbs and what neighborhood they will live in when married.

It is a studio apt, so I sit on her bed, it is broad daylight. It's the sheep mentality where people follow the leader even though that is not naturally where they would have chosen to go.

This went on three more times than the fourth time she tried to pull me in on. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. And unless the girl is a 9 or higher you need to make your move like the girl in the museum story. In particular the charity ball type single things.

We do museum, then we head back to her place. Then she goes I want to go to museum to see an exhibit, do you want to go with me. I have lived in NJ for a majority of my life.

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White people are easily intimidated and other cultures look to them as the leader in what the appropriate stance to have on certain issues. A lot of the reasons why black males go through what they go through is because of stereotypes and the intimidation they create. What neighborhoods have you been hanging out in?

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It was not working that night. BM and other non-White men cannot make themselves White men like you so they take the next best option which is to get a White woman and gain honorary White-status-by-association. They just need a guy in a Tuxedo who will look good in the wedding picture to make it all happened. Age range and type of crowd also matters - if you tell us more, we might be able to point you in the right direction.

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A white good looking guy, his own apt in Manhattan good job, college educated could rack up huge s. What has been made as society standards of beauty has also effected what race many men find as the most attractive race of women. The older NYC girls get more desperate.

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These are my opinions and also my plans. Originally Posted by LIS Where were the most common paces you met these women?

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Although it hasn't turned her into a supermodel or A-list celeb, she feels like one because she is wearing what that celeb was wearing on the red carpet. I'm a woman but this is something that a lot of Black women like myself have discussed extensively over the years. I've been to a lot of nice places to bring a date but none of them have been particularly good places for finding a date.

It was as if she read a play book on men. I am in nursing school for a second masters, and I am fleeing the northeast as soon as my program is over. You really should pick between them carefully depending on your goal. I was not no biting. Basically operations. It's the same in principle as women see in the media a supermodel or A-list celeb wearing a certain color lipstick or outfit so the average woman runs out and buys it. That's a good question. Age range is pretty broad, say though would probably be the band within the range that is a better fit.

Guess what she was ok looking, but kicker was she was a Chemical Engineer for a major fortune company with some big masters or PhD. And here she is around 31 in NYS resorting to this to attempt to land a boyfriend who could not even pass HS Chemistry.